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AG School Class Pictures Lakehurst


"A" School: 1922 - 1977  "B" School: 1932 - 1977


"C" School

Aerographer's Mate (AG) schools were moved to Chanute AFB, Illinois in 1977

 AG School Pictures Chanute



In 1993 AG Schools were moved to Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS


AG School Pictures Biloxi

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These pictures were taken from the original 11-CD Collection put together by Forrest (MOE) Lambert, AGCM, USN RET, Class A1-6523A.


The complete, original documentation can be read HERE.

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Most of the early years of this information was received from Rich Courtney and Frank Ivie 26 Aug.1991.                
From hand written notes, believed to be Bob Lloyd's is this:  The first  class  in  Aerology was recorded in an  OOD  Log  dated 1  Dec. 1919. A total of 14 classes were known to have been conducted  at  Pensacola Naval Air Station as of 27  May  1924.  The formal  school was shutdown and moved to the Naval  Air  Station, Anacostia, Maryland               


... Anacostia officials divided the school into Primary and Advanced ...


... I used the ASCI files that Zane Jacobs sent me and simply reformatted them and cleaned them up a little.  After completing the "A" school classes I realize how much work Zane put into typing all these class rosters and brief histories.  My hat off to him.  What a super job.  Wow!"