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AG Schools Chanute

Class Pictures 1977 - 1993


Aerographer's Mate (AG) schools were moved to Chanute AFB, Illinois in 1977

The Last "A" School Class at Chanute was in 1993, then

AG Schools were moved to Keesler AFB, Biloxi MS

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First AG A School at Chanute

Graduation 1 Oct. 1977


(More names and group picture needed)

First USN-USAF C School Class Chanute 1977
Names Needed
Submitted by Dave Scherer

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AG A School Chanute 1981

AG A School Chanute, Early Sept. 1981

Submitted by Robert Ruehl


Observer Classes 810901-811118, Fall 1981
Submitted by Donovan Williams
AG B School Chanute, May 1982
Submitted by AG1 Dave Blumer
Submitted by AG1 Dave Blumer
Submitted by AG1 Dave Blumer
Submitted by AG1 Dave Blumer
Submitted by AG1 Dave Blumer
Submitted by AG1 Dave Blumer

AG A School Chanute Jan 1984

More Names Needed

C School Aug. 1984
Submitted by Robert Browning, back row second from right.

C1? Class 1984
Submitted by Brian Siciliano via Facebook & Tony Mach

AG School Chanute Dec 1984

Roster Needed


AG Class  850102
Submitted by CDR Tim Schul, USNR
(AG2 at time of pic.)

Forecaster School Chanute 1985

More Names Needed



AG School Chanute 1987?


Forecaster School Fall 1988
Submitted by Tim Bowden via Facebook
PO LeClair, Standing on right
Feb. 1992 or 93, Submitted by Diane Larsen
AG School Chanute Nov. 1990?
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Last AG A School Class Chanute 1993
Forecaster Class 1978
Submitted by Michael Preston
Chanute 1979
Submitted by Elisa Smith
Chanute, Spring 1980
Submitted by George DeMaria
AG A School Aug. 1981
AG A School Late 1981-Early 1982
Roster Needed
Submitted by Tim Meagher

AG A School, October 1982
USNs; center, left to right: Janice Martin, David A. Olsen (submitter), Ruth Garvey
USMC, instructor: SSgt Bill Resevay(?) 
USAF names needed.

Forecaster Class, Spring 1983
Submitted by Tim Moran
AG A School Chanute Fall 1983
Submitted by AGCS Diana Henderson, USNR RET

AG A School Chanute Nov. 1983

Roster Needed

Submitted by Diana Henderston (Back row, left)


AG School Chanute Dec. 1983

Roster Needed

Submitted by Luc Reneau (2nd row, 2nd from right)

Darren Obermeyer (instructor) front row, white shirt; Tim Meagher, back row on right.

AG School Chanute 1983

Roster Needed

AG School Chanute 1983

Roster Needed

Submitted by Tony Mach



AG A School Apr 1984

Definitive Order Needed


December 1984
Submitted by Michael Weitzel

METEM Class Chanute 1984

SSgt Ray Parker, top row right


Observer's School 1986
Submitted by Jeffrey M. Gould

AG-A School Chanute 1986
Instructor AG1 Paul Wolfe
Submitted by AA Robert Tyo (standing with girl on his right & AN Jim Bob Mullins on his left)
Observer Class 870514

Roster Needed


June 1987 - Submitted by Tom Cardinal
A School Chanute July 1988

Roster Needed


AG School Summer 1990- Courtesy David Dellinger

Last Chanute Forecaster Class 1993

Submitted by Raymond Metzger