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Reference:  Aerograph November 2006

Dr. Peter Richard Tatro, Captain USN RET 7/31/06
AG2 Donald E. Warner, REL 8/05/06
XAERM/c Willard Guy Burris , 8/4/06
CAPT John W. Sullivan, USN (Ret.), 3/10/90
Capt. Thomas D. Keegan, USN RET 6/21/84
Capt. Edward G. Smith USN RET 9/1/06
AGCM Thomas P. "Skip" Cline USN RET 9/12/06
AGC Robert "Bob" Charles Krause USN RET 9/15/06
xAG1 Willard G. "Bill" Burris USNR REL 8/04/06

Reference:  Aerograph August 2006

AGCM Eugene C. Cleary, USN RET 10/4/05
AGC Bobby Joe Martin  Bobbie Joe "B.J." or "Bob" Martin, USN RET 3/30/06
LCDR Thomas D. "Tom" Deagan, USN RET 6/2/06
AGC(AW) John D. Cabanillas , Portsmouth, VA
AGC John Dennis Cabanillas, USN RET 6/27/06
LCDR Jack Chris Hansen, USN RET 7/8/06

Reference:  Aerograph May 2006

AG1 Robert (Bobby) Eugene Owens,USN RET 1/24/06
CWO4 Robert "Bob" Allen Griffin USN RET 1/20/06
LCDR Charles "Chuck" Barron, USN RET 3/6/06.
AGC Donald. Mattoon USN RET 1/8/06
Gassner, Loretta M. (age 85) 3/406
(preceded in death by her husband,
LCDR John A. Gassner, Sr., USN)
Gordon P. MacDowell, GS-ret. 12/19/05 (Ice Forecasters)
James Richard Little, 11/19/01. He was a meteorologist for 33 years and served aboard the USS Suwannee CVE-27 during

World War II
LCDR Louis P. (Pat) Halloran, USN RET 2/24/06
Doris Johnson, wife of AGCS Ron - 10 Aug 2005
AGC Alan Herr USN Retired - Date Unknown

Reference:  Aerograph February 2006

CAPT Ed Brown, USN RET  08/30/05
LT Don Hays, USN RET 11/05
AGCM John Nagel, USN RET 02/05
AGC Matt Free, USN RET 11/13/05
LT Warren Sunkel, USNR REL UNK
CWO George Berrian, USN RET UNK
LT Walter Babic, USN RET 11/14/05
Marian M. Bridge, WIFE of LCDR William D Bridge,
USN RET, 11/14/05
LCDR Frank McGayhey, USN RET 10/23/05