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Remembering all those who came before



Reference:  Aerograph November 2005

CWO-3 Bernard L. Valenta, USN RET March 22, 2004
Ernest Eli Sauve, July 9, 2005
Sandra Dickerson, Wife of LCDR Larry G Dickerson, 07/09/05
LCDR Larry Dickerson
Larry Gail Dickerson, USN RET, Sept.2005,
AGCS Fred Quirk,USN RET, 1941 - Sept. 20, 2005
Ethel Lemond, August 2005
Fern Abbott, wife of GYSGT Bill Abbott, USN RET, 05/19/05
AGCS Jesse H. Vowell,USN RET 06/05
AGCS Walter "Bob" Hawksworth, USN RET 08/05
FAYE HORTCH, (Wife of LEO "Tiny" HORTCH) 21 Sept. 2005.
Dolly Louise Colaw - 1933 to July 2005
CAPT Edward J. Brown, USN RET, August 30, 2005

Reference:  Aerograph August 2005 

AGCS Ladislaus "Rocky" Rokosz, USN RET 4/19/05
Frank Melewicz, CDR USNR RET 5/22/05
Marie Trefry (Wife of LCDR Ed Trefry) 2/18/05
Mindy Lane, AGC USN RET, 4/9/05
Roger Atchison, CWO4 USN RET, 6/17/05
Robert �Skeet� Clegg, AGC USN RET, 4/5/05
Merilou Webber, AGCS USN RET (date unknown)

Reference:  Aerograph May 2005 

AGC Glen Voorheis, USN RET 03/04/05
LCDR Joe Frosio, Jrl, USN RET 03/19/05
AGCS Max Burke, USN RET 03/06/05
CDR Ken Allison, USN RET, 02/24/05
MAJ Robert Gray, USMC RET, 02/06/05
AGC Curtis Holbein, USN RET (Date unknown)
Capt Bethel “Johnny” Butler, USNR RET, 11/30/04
Betty Williams (Wife of CWO4 Ken), 06/03/04
AGC Mindy Lane, USN RET, 04/09/05
AGCS Charles Francisco, USN RET, 03/09/02