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R E P O R T 4/12/05
By Don


7-10 June 2004 30th Annual NWSA Reunion in Atlantic City NJ. 

Membership Meeting.
Following the initiative voiced by Past President AGCM Bob Frazier, members approved the mounting of an appropriate plaque on the U.S. Navy Memorial Commemorative Wall within the Naval Heritage Center, Washington DC. (Note: The same project was previously voted down during NWSA26/Virginia Beach)
Bob Frazer
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Members acknowledged that the Navy Memorial Foundation requires a minimum $2,500.00 donation for each commemorative plaque; and they agreed to support it. Potomac Regional Chapter agreed to coordinate the project. Initial donations were made.

18 June 
Project Coordinator Don Cruse initiated the project with Navy Memorial  staff, provided required kick-off $500.00 deposit (later reimbursed by Project Sponsor Bob Frazier). Potomac Chapter Secretary-Treasurer Pat McLeod set up financial records required to track donated funds. Captain Neil O’Connor of Gulf Coast R/C agreed to design the plaque in coordination with the Navy Memorial’s contractor.

15 August 
The project was publicized via The Aerograph and additional membership . contributions were solicited.

20 August 
The NWSA plaque went into the Navy Memorial production center.
A tentative March 2005 dedication date was agreed in coordination with the Navy Memorial staff. This agreed with our plan to wrap up the project during NWSA31.

22 October 
Transmitted $1,265.00 to Navy Memorial Foundation (2nd installment).
Received confirmation of Friday, 04 March 2005 as dedication date.

15 November 
The Aerograph contained project details and again solicited donations.

21 December 
Ordered 100 miniature plaques (paperweights) from Newton Mfg. to augment donated project funds.

January 2005 
Originated letters containing information on our plaque project with an invitation to attend the 04 March dedication ceremony to: 
Oceanographer NAVY and staff
CNMOC and staff
Oceanography Department USNA
NavSecGruActy Fort Meade MD
NAVICE Suitland MD
Headquarters, U.S. Coast Guard. 

9 February 
Miniature plaque order received. 
PotChap distribution commenced.
Final installment of $735.00 transmitted to Navy Memorial Foundation.

15 February 
All hands in NWSA again reminded of the dedication via The Aerograph. Responses received from key personnel of NWSA.
Final dedication details coordinated with Navy Memorial staff. 

On a breezy, 45-degree day our attendees mustered at the Naval Heritage Center near the Archives-Navy Memorial METRO station in Washington DC. Prior to the 1100EST ceremony, there was an opportunity for all hands to wander through the center and look over the many plaques already mounted on the Commemorative Wall.

Dan  Hewins
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NWSA President Dan Hewins greeted attendees, while showing little of the wear and tear of his long drive south from Augusta, Maine. He brought two neighbors with him—Beverly and her daughter, Paula. Paula acted as their Navigator during the journey. PotChap President Tom Miovas and Mary Ann arrived from Pittsburgh.

Project Sponsor Bob Frazier also greeted our assemblage, having flown to WashDC from his home base in Palm Springs, CA. Paul Haley of the Navy Memorial staff (chief of fund raising) presented us with a mounted replica of our NWSA plaque for exhibit at Branson MO during our 31st annual NWSA reunion in May.


Attendees proceeded to the IMAX Theater where we were welcomed by RADM E. K. Walker, SC, USN(Ret), Acting President and CEO of the Foundation. A special welcome went to the Oceanographer of the Navy, RADM Steven Tomaszeski USN, and his Executive Assistant, Commander Bill Nisley USN. They were accompanied by two staff members from the Office of the Oceanographer, AGCM Ray Chappell USN and Executive Assistant for External Communications Bob Freeman.

The dedication ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a short prayer by Project Coordinator Don Cruse. Don also read a list of contributors to our NWSA plaque project and thanked them (listing to be published in The Aerograph). Bob Frazier and Dan Hewins then offered appropriate comments, the NWSA plaque was projected on the screen for all to admire, and with the sounding of TAPS we terminated the ceremony.

From the IMAX Theater our group adjourned to the compartment housing The Commemorative Wall for a photo session. This also provided an excellent opportunity for renewing acquaintances and chatting. Staff members of the Navy Memorial encouraged everyone to add names to The Navy Log, which is their computerized data base of all Sea Service personnel. Log enrollment forms will be made available during NWSA31 Branson, along with purchase orders for mounted replica NWSA wall plaques.

There was adequate time for each attendee to familiarize with the facilities of the Naval Heritage Center, including the gift shop and historical displays. 

Project Coordinator