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Command Christmas Cards 1970s, Vol. 3

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NWSED Cubi Point, P.I., 1970

Roster Needed

NATTC Lakehurst 1971 (Above and below)

MCAS Rose Garden (RTAF Nam Phong, Thailand) 1972

I was deployed from MCAS Iwakuni, Japan in June 1972 with MAG 15 in response to the North Vietnamese Spring Offensive.  I had graduated from AGB school in January 1972.  CWO-4 Grabowski who had been replaced by CWO-4 Walker at the time of this picture and I were the only two forecasters supporting air operations at Nam Phong in response to the North Vietnamese Spring Offensive.


Submitted by MSGT Lon McDougal, USMC RET

NWSF Pensacola Mid 1970s

NWSED Keflavik 1977


NWSED Keflavik 1978


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USS Kitty Hawk (CV63),1978
Submitted by CDR Steve Schrobo, USN RET

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USS Kitty Hawk (CV63),1979
Submitted by CDR Stephen Schrobo, USN (Ret)

NWSED Kingsville 1971

Submitted by AGCM Bill Lilienthal, USN RET


NWSED Midway 1973


OIC was LT Robert Plante
AGC Benko was our Chief
Duty Forecasters were:
AG1 Larry Jacobs
AG1 Chelmar Finger
AG1 Havis Harbor
Upper Air:
AG2 Craig Rigg
AGAN Calvin Cole
AG3 Jerry Baber (Submitted by)
Rest in picture unknown


OA Div., USS Kitty Hawk, Xmas 1974



Pictures (Above) and Roster Submitted by Michael Dunlop on Facebook's Navy AGs group


USS America (CV-66) 1975
Submitted by Calvin Cole

USS Nimitz 1976

Submitted by AGCS Jim Futtner, USN RET



Final Christmas Card from NATTC Lakehurst, 1977 (Above and below)

Submitted by AGCM Marty Bonk, USN RET

USS Belleau Wood 1978

NWSED Misawa, Nov. 1978
Submitted by Steve Brantley

USS Belleau Wood 1979




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