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Aerograph Articles 2013

Source: Aerograph November 2013
Captain, USN
Commanding Officer
Fleet Weather Central, Norfolk

Source: Aerograph August 2013


An Admiral Reflects

By RADM Tom Donaldson, USN RET



By CAPT Ace Trask, USN RET


A Reservist's Remembrances

By AGCS John Willoughby, USNR RET


Navy Gets New Weather Forecasting System

By Jacqueline Klimas, Navy Times staff writer. Published June 19, 2013

Source : Aerograph May 2013


My Best Forecast

By CAPT Ace Trask, USN RET


Best of the 40s and 50s

 By AGC Zane Jacobs, USN RET


Weatherman's Career Defies History

By Jimmy Brown, Jax Air News, March 12, 1981

Source: Aerograph February 2013


My Worst Balloon Launch, Launching Balloons with Civilians, My Best Forecast

CDR Elmer A. Erdei USN RET Articles



Arctic Adventure 2012

By CAPT Frenchy Corbeille, USN RET

Newfoundland -- As Seen Through the Eyes of a Land-Locked Sailor


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By CAPT Frenchy Corbeille, USN RET


Source: Aerograph February 2013




While looking through the NWSA WEB site the other day I noticed a note from Mel Harder concerning AG Master Chiefs. I wish I Could fill in the list, but I can't. One correction on the 1984 list. AGCM Gary Jordon was the name that is incorrect. Gary was assigned as the CPOIC of Merdian, MS and passed away from a heart attack in 86 or 87 while on active duty.

However, with help of Bob Coniglione we were able to obtain a complete listing of NWSA/CNOC Command Master Chiefs. Hope this is of some interest to someone.

AGCM William Heagley 1968-1970  

AGCM Robert Nicholas 1970-1974

AGCM Ronald Palmer 1974-1979

AGCM Frederick Baillie 1979-1982

AGCM  Amos Fields 1982-1985

AGCM (AW) Michael McGlothlin 1985-1988

AGCM (AW) Robert Bentley 1988-1991

AGCM (AW/SW) Forrest M. Lambert 1991-1995

AGCM (AW) Robert J. Coniglione 1995-1999

AGCM (AW/SW) Robert Harlen 1999-2001

AGCM (AW/SW) Douglas J. Maxwell 2001-2004

AGCM (AW/SW) Jon T. Johnston 2004-2007

AGCM (AW) Mark A. Burton 2007-2010

AGCM (IDW/AW/SW) Keith D. Edwards 2010-2012

AGCM (IDW/AW/SW) Kenneth L. Walker 2012-


In case you have never heard of it, IDW stands for “Information Dominance Warfare”   

           Submitted by AGCM(AW) Bob Bentley, USN RET

Source: Aerograph February 2013

First Black AG CPO

Thanks for putting the list of AGCM’s in the Aerograph. Had any feedback on it as of yet? Looking at the August Aerograph, I noted the Paul Grisham and Morrey Summey items regards to Jim Wherry being 1st black man to make AGC.

Jim Wherry was a student of mine in AG”B” class 6533 and he graduated January 1966 while

an AG1.

My good friend Dorneice “Don” Butler and I made chief in 1965 and believe him to be the 1st black man to put on the hat.

When I made AGCM in 1970, Don was the the only alternate and pretty sure he was picked up very early in 1971 off the 1970 list. Thus the 1st black Master Chief AG as well.

He later made Warrant and then LDO retiring as LCDR.

Almost certain that Chuck Terrill was 2nd, Amos Fields was the 3rd and then Jim Wherry was the 4th. black man to become AGC.

 Submitted by CWO4 Mel Harder, USN RET

CDR Don Cruse, USN RET
Historical Articles and Records


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Travel Via the Moon


Travel Articles on Various Subjects


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Biographical Articles on AGs



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Susan Sohler, 101 Year Old AG


Source: Aerograph August 2011


CDR Florence van Straten, USN RET

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Aerograph February 2011


Glimpses of Brillion
Memorial Day Edition 2011

Submitted by CAPT Frenchy Corbeille, USN RET


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Source: Aerograph May 2012

How to Simulate Being in the Navy


Submitted by AGCM Fred Baillie USN RET


Agent Orange Exposure at Guam


Submitted by xAX3 R. S. Wagner to November 2011 Aerograph