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Source: Aerograph August 2012


First woman and first black man to make AGC


I suppose that you get lots of suggestions re inclusion in the Aerograph.  Wish to suggest a couple of more, if I may.

This is prompted by the note about the first Wave Master Chief.  Interesting and appreciate it.

There are two other landmark chiefs that, in my opinion, merit mention.

First, Marybelle Kuegle.  The first Wave to make AGC.  She put on the hat in about 1950-51.

Secondly, James Larry Wherry.  The first black man to make AGC.  Am guessing that he made it in about 1970.  I worked under AGC Frank Pogar (USS Bennington) in the late 50’s and brought Jim (an undesignated striker) from the deck force and got him started in weather.


I hope that you don’t mind my bringing this to your attention.

Submitted by Lt Paul O. Grisham USN RET


Source: Aerograph November 2012


It’s Raining!

By AGCS Bill Lilienthal, USN RET


Source: Aerograph August 2012



Born:  10 May 1918 - Died:  1 Feb 1998


Written and submitted by: LT Paul O. Grisham USN RET



Source: Aerograph August 2012


Enclosed article from the New Zealand Antarctic Society might be interesting reading for those who were at McMurdo Station Antarctica in the mid 1960’s and 1970’s 

                                                                                       Submitted by AGC Bill Henry Jr. USN RET


Source: Aerograph May 2012


Forecasting for North Atlantic Antisubmarine and Other Operations During World War II

Submitted by LCDR Norman L. Canfield USNR RET


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CDR Don Cruse, USN RET
Historical Articles and Records


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Travel Via the Moon


Travel Articles on Various Subjects


Lloyd Corbett - The NWSA Project


Biographical Articles on AGs



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Susan Sohler, 101 Year Old AG


Source: Aerograph August 2011


CDR Florence van Straten, USN RET

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Aerograph February 2011


Glimpses of Brillion
Memorial Day Edition 2011

Submitted by CAPT Frenchy Corbeille, USN RET


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Source: Aerograph May 2012

How to Simulate Being in the Navy


Submitted by AGCM Fred Baillie USN RET


Agent Orange Exposure at Guam


Submitted by xAX3 R. S. Wagner to November 2011 Aerograph