An association of Aerographers & Mates,
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NWSA Pensacola Chapter


President:                   Larry Warrenfeltz

Secretary/Treasurer:  Pat O'Brien


Chapter News

Source: Aerograph May 2021

The Pensacola Chapter met at the Fin and Fork Restaurant on March 19th. Those in attendance included Larry & Nancy Warrenfeltz, Ed & Patty Straten, Ken & Barbara Overholt, Pat & Libby O'Brien, and Paul Belt. Ed Straten relieved Larry Warenfeltz as president of the chapter, and Pat O'Brien retained his position as sec/treasurer. The Chapter didn't meet in December due to the fear of contacting COVID-19.The next NWSA Reunion in Savannah, GA, was discussed, and eight of those present said they would be attending. Following the meeting, we had a very nice dinner. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 4th at Vallartas Mexican Restaurant located off 9 Mile Road.

Pat & Libby O'Brien continue to stay busy even with the presence of COVID.  Pat contacted it in February.  He knows not where.  However, one night at dinner he told Libby he'd better go get tested.  She said, "Why."  He said, "I haven't tasted anything I've eaten."  Of course, the test came back positive, and he was quarantined at home for two weeks.  The lack of taste lasted far longer, but he reports all is well now.  Libby stayed with Pat throughout his quarantine, and she never contracted the virus.  She did get tested, and the results came back negative.  It's strange how this virus works. The O'Briens continue to play golf when the weather permits it.  In March, they traveled down to Bradenton, FL, to be with Pat's daughter,  Kelly, and her family.  The family 
came from Connecticut,  New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C.  They were happy to experience warmer weather.  In April, Libby's grandson, granddaughter and their families came down from Indiana to Pensacola Beach.  Libby was in heaven having her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all together for a week.  Pat and his oldest son, Patrick, get together every Tuesday and go fishing.  They rent pedal kayaks
from N.A.S. Pensacola and fish in Bayou Grande.  The Blue Angels practice their aerial maneuvers every Tuesday morning over the base, so Pat and Patrick  get to see them every week.   Pat has a 3-day GOGO (Guys Only Golf Outing) in April at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama.  Later in April, he and Libby will travel up to Callaway Gardens in Georgia for a week.  Pat stays in touch with Jim Futtner via email and an occasional phone call.  Pat reports he is doing okay.  His family is close by and keep him pretty busy.  He is still working 1 or 2 days a week at his local  funeral home.  Pat also got word that Bruce Glaes' doctor told him he suffered a mini stroke. Bruce says he feels almost normal, but he has problems remembering words that tie
together sentences, and typing anything coherent is difficult.  Pat heard from one other shipmate, Dennis Ruth.  Dennis was in AG "A" School when Pat was an instructor. Dennis found a couple of old pictures he thought Pat would get a kick out of The pics showed Pat, Dennis and a number of other basketball players having a discussion at courtside.  There was another team picture that includes Paul Lyon.  Pat thanked Dennis for making him feel really OLD.  Dennis will undergo heart surgery in April.  Please keep him, Jim, and Bruce in your prayers.  Pat and Libby see Bernie Bauer at Pensacola Ice Flyers' ice hockey games.  He is doing well.  Bernie is ready for the baseball season to get underway.  Pensacola has been without baseball for quite awhile due to COVID19. 

Larry Warrenfeltz says he has nothing to report as it's pretty boring at the Warrenfeltz house (unless you want to talk high school softball).  

Ed and Patty Straten have been wowed by this last year.  They want 2020 to rest in peace as we move forward with dreams of health and the freedom to mingle with our NWSA members with the opportunity to travel and meet new friends.  Ed and Patti are loving life in the condo they bought last October. Ed has spent time painting the condo in Patti’s favorite colors. And they relax in the pools, beach and hot tub without stress and mowing lawns. After cancelled cruises and trips all last year, they are hoping for their Caribbean Cruise next November, road trips to see family in NH and Ohio, and, of course, the NWSA October Reunion in Savannah!  Below is a picture of Ed and Patty relaxing at their condo.

Like a lot of us, the year has been hectic for Rose and Arthur Frazier in Ocala. Lots of medical appointments, continuing education classes, and TOPS.   They are happy to report that their son, Tim, is working at Lowe’s and Michael’s at night.   Arthur has been out metal detecting but hasn’t found much of value, yet. Rose won two metal detectors at different events, Enabling her to join Arthur in the fields and beaches. They are staying as active as they can and hope to do some traveling soon outside of Florida. They are really enjoying living in Ocala and getting to see Rose’s family and high school friends. 

Denny and Helen Maljevac are doing well and say they have nothing to report.

Source: Aerograph February 2021

The Chapter's scheduled DEC meeting/annual Christmas party was cancelled due to concerns over COVID.  However, thanks to Governor DeSantis our state is open and up and running. Of course, masks are required along with social distancing.  It's not ideal, but it beats being quarantined in our homes.  Our hope is the vaccine works and our country returns to some semblance of normalcy. My requests for inputs to this edition of the Aerograph have apparently gone unnoticed.  Sorry about that. My guess is most of our membership is hunkering down and have nothing to input.  Hopefully, we will do better in June.  In the meantime, this is all we have to offer.

Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz quarantined for two weeks before going to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with their son Jim and his family.  It was wonderful family time --- staying home, playing board games, reading, telling PaPa jokes, watching football, and lots of laughing. They got their first round of vaccine shots in January and are more than eager to get on with life.  With the high school softball season opening in February, and with plans for a full season in Florida, Larry has been busy training umpires across the state via Zoom webinars.  God Bless America, and Let's Play Ball!

Larry and Nancy with grandkids Nathaniel, Chloe and Madeline

Pat and Libby O'Brien have been busy with family.  In November, Pat's youngest son, Sean, and his four children visited from Virginia Beach. The O'Briens rented a very nice home on Santa Rosa Sound at Pensacola Beach for the week.  The kids loved it and a good time was had by all.  The following week, Libby's oldest daughter, Sandy, rented the same unit for another four days.  Her two children and seven grandchildren came from Ohio and Colorado for Thanksgiving.  All told, there were sixteen of us sitting around the Thanksgiving table.  After Christmas, the O'Briens traveled north to Callaway Gardens.  The trip was in celebration of their 26th wedding anniversary Pat continues to golf, fish, and work at his church as a member of the green team.  That's a nice way of saying, "He mows the grass, pulls weeds, and keeps the flower gardens up."  Pat had a few dizzy spells recently and made an appointment with his cardiologist.  He's now wearing a heart monitor to see if there is any connection.


Pat considers this occurrence as just another one of the joys of being OLD.


Submitted by Pat O’Brien, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph November 2020
Going clockwise:  Ed Straten (seated), Nancy Warrenfeltz, Larry
Warrenfeltz, Gerrie Marsh, Libby and Pat O'Brien, Barbara and Ken
Overholt, Helen and Denny Maljevac, and Patti Straten

The reason we couldn't meet in September was Hurricane Sally.  Rapid intensification just off the coast caused
Sally to strengthen from a tropical storm to a near CAT2 Hurricane overnight.  Heavy rains soaked the ground and many trees were uprooted due to the higher winds.  An aerial shot of Pensacola will show many blue roofs.  Roofing contractors are having a heyday.  Everyone here was left scrambling.  We've lost the 3-Mile Bridge which connects Pensacola with Gulf Breeze.  One of the 27 barges being used to construct the bridge broke loose from its moorings and ripped through an eastern section of the bridge.  There's no telling how long it will take to get it repaired and construction finished.  Thank God our Chapter members appear to have fared fairly well.  

Paul Belt says he was lucky. None of the trees in his yard came down on his house, but he lost quite a few.  He also said getting all the trees removed from his property was quite expensive and is not covered by insurance.  Ouch! He and Cheryl weren't with us at our Chapter meeting as they were in North Carolina.  

Bernie Bauer is doing fine.  His house did not suffer any damage, but Bernie said he was having his shingles replaced because they were getting brittle.  He was told by his roofer it may take until the end of the holidays to get them replaced.  

Rose and Arthur Frazier escaped the wrath of Sally.  They moved to a 55+ Community in Ocala back in February and they love it there. There's no NWSA Chapter in Ocala, so we will try to maintain contact with them via these inputs.  Rose had knee replacement surgery done, and before she could get the other knee done, she had a couple of heart attacks!!  Damn the bad luck!  She is looking forward to getting the other knee operation scheduled so she can get it done and over with.  When her heart doctors did a heart cath, they found no blockages or damage so they sent her home. After a week or so of blood pressure spikes, all went back to normal, and she is fine. Great news.  Arthur is doing well and has started taking classes at the community learning center. Their son, Timothy, graduated from Florida Institute for Technology in May, more or less, and is still trying to find a job. His degree is in Mechanical Engineering. Now that things are starting to open up again, Rose and Arthur are excited to get involved. Rose is doing the weekly craft show, selling totes for walkers/rollators and her newest hobby painting or repainting yard statues. They are enjoying being so much closer to family in Ocala. 

Pat and Libby O'Brien are well, and like most folks in Pensacola, trying to stay safe.  Patrick says, "Wearing masks is a joke."  He conforms when required. He and Libby did get out of Pensacola for a few days in September to celebrate Libby's 40th anniversary of her 39th birthday. They went up to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  Pat says it was great to get away from all the destruction caused by Sally.  The O'Briens try to stay busy.  Pat plays golf as often as possible, works at their church one or two days a week, and fishes every Tuesday with his oldest son, Patrick.  Pat says he doesn't stay busy enough based on the size of his midsection.  Libby suggests diets, but Pat says, "It's just easier buying bigger pants."  Because of the Pandemic, services at their church were not conducted for months.  They just recently resumed, but they are outdoors (weather permitting).  Pat has given up on the NFL and NBA.  He hasn't watched an NFL game in years, and the NBA joined his  will not watch list this year.  He and Libby really enjoyed watching the NHL playoffs and having the Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup.  They also enjoy watching the PGA and LPGA events each week.  

Nancy and Larry Warrenfeltz are surviving 2020 along with the rest of the country and the world. Plus, we in Pensacola got a good reminder that Mother Nature will keep all of us weather-guessers humble.  Hurricane Sally increased in strength by 25 knots the night before eventually wandering ashore along the Alabama-FloridlineLarry said, "It fooled me, but it didn't fool Nancy."  Don't feel bad Larry.  I think the National Weather Service was fooled too.  The Warrenfeltz have done a little safe traveling and enjoyed a week-long visit with their Seattle family (who were all very happy for a short escape from the People’s Republic of Washington).  Once high school volleyball finally started in Florida, it gave Larry the chance to get out of the house three or four nights a week as the teams crammed in all their games in a condensed season.

Ed and Patti Straten hosted their son Craig, daughter in law Melissa and their grandchildren, Braedyn, Jordyn and Ryan for three fun filled weeks…the kids spent most of the time in the pool!  After taking a breath, they hosted friends from NH, Patti’s best friend,  Sissi,  and her daughter Robin.  Sadly, Robin took a fall and broke her shoulder which cut the visit a little short. Next they traveled to Key West to celebrate their friend’s, Tom and Amy’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Key West is always a fabulous time, even wearing masks on Duval Street.  They loved Kevin's Irish Bar (the Guiness!) and Margaritaville (the cheeseburgers). In between all this excitement, they made the decision they had been thinking about for years. They sold their home in Pensacola and bought a fabulous high rise condo just three miles away in Lost Key.  Closing date was September 16.  Whoops.  Hurricane Sally had other plans…but they finally closed and moved in. Complete with a golf course view, three pools, workout room and a beach club, they couldn’t be happier! Here's to you Patti and Ed!!

Source: Aerograph August 2020

The Pensacola Chapter held its June meeting at Sonny's Barbecue Restaurant.  Those in attendance included Larry & Nancy Warrenfeltz, Pat & Libby O'Brien, Ken & Barbara Overholt, Ed & Patti Straten, Gerrie Marsh, and Paul Belt.


The coronavirus has kept most of our members from traveling.  In addition to the NWSA Reunion being cancelled, Pat and Libby O'Brien had their trip to Iceland, Scotland, and Ireland cancelled, and a family get together in Connecticut put on hold. They are grateful that the golf courses are open.  Weather permitting, they try to play two or three times a week.


Speaking of golf, Pat and Paul Belt are in the same golf association and Pat says Paul is playing some excellent golf.  Pat is working one or two days a week at his church and tries to get one day of fishing in each week with his oldest son, Patrick.


Pat heard from Gene Witsman.  Gene is in Fort Walton Beach and like the rest of us, he's visiting doctors more but getting by.  Gene says he's not traveling as much as in times past.


Pat also heard from Fay Crossley who was looking for any information on John Shay.  Pat got some info from Bernie Bauer and forwarded it to Fay.  Fay was then able to contact John.  John is in an assisted living facility here in Pensacola.


Ed and Patti Straten are doing well but unfortunately, had a scheduled cruise to Australia and various exotic locations cancelled.  One couples scheduled trip wasn't cancelled.  Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz traveled to North Carolina's outer banks for an annual family reunion.  Until the next issue comes out, stay safe and God Bless.


Submitted by Pat O’Brien, Sec/Treas

Source: Aerograph May 2020

The Pensacola Chapter met on 13 March at the Grand Buffet in Pace, Florida.  Those in attendance were as follows:  Larry & Nancy Warrenfeltz, Pat and Libby O'Brien, Paul Belt & Cheryl Alter, Al & Helen Atwell, Denny & Helen Maljevac, Marian Hawkes, and Elizabeth Tokryman.


The minutes of our 13 Dec meeting were read and approved along with the treasurer's report.  The President reported the reunion in Savannah is still on, and Jim Romano will keep us advised as to any change.  The hotel and museum are cleaning up and getting ready for us.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 12 June at Sonny's on 9th Ave. in Pensacola.


It seems as if the Coronavirus has kept the majority of our members in port doing maintenance work as they have nothing new to report.  The O'Briens lost a dear friend in January.  Joan Futtner, the wife of AGCS Ret. Jim Futtner, passed away.  When they received the news, they packed their bags and headed to Connecticut.  Pat was extremely grateful that the weather was good for the entire trip.  He's not much on going north in the winter.  It was nice to rehash many of the good times we've shared over the years.  Rest in peace Joan.  Following the funeral, Pat and Libby headed to Niantic, CT, to visit his daughter, Kelly, and her husband.  They spent a few days with them in their new home before heading back south.   The O'Briens had planned on attending the Savannah Reunion, but since that was cancelled, they stayed close to home. They feel fortunate to have had their home golf course remain open during the pandemic.  They play 2 or 3 times a week.  Pat says, " It's better than sitting in the house."  Pat plays Monday, Wednesday, and Friday On Tuesday, he and his oldest son, Patrick, go fishing.  On Thursday and Saturday, he works at his church as a member of the Green Team.  Since there's only two members on that team, he gets to do the mowing, weed eating, and bush trimming. Lucky guy, huh?  Libby has been busy trying to coordinate a sightseeing/golf outing to Iceland, Scotland and Ireland.  Hoping the pandemic is over before August.  We're scheduled to leave on August 18th.  Libby and her daughter,Sandy, took a trip to Tampa/St. Pete to attend a wedding. Pat stayed home and says he smiled a lot.  Libby also went with her two daughters to see a Lauren Daigle concert here in Pensacola.  Again, Pat stayed home doing you know what.  Says he never heard of Lauren Daigle.  Pat recently received an e-mail from Gene Witsman.  He hadn't heard anything from Gene in quite a while.  Turns out, Gene is still in Fort Walton Beach, and like the rest of us, medical issues keep him from doing a lot of what he'd like to do.  He's dealing with fibromyalgia, and wishes his docs would come up with something to relieve the pain.  Hang in there Gene. 

Rose and Arthur Frazier moved to On Top of The World in February and love it there. They have spent most of the quarantine time setting up new doctors and getting lots of tests done. Son, Timothy, graduates from Florida Institute for Technology with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering in May.  Arthur and Rose made a week-long trip to Costa Rica to help and visit with missionary friends then came back just in time for the lockdown.  They don't plan to do much traveling over the next few months as Rose is hoping to get a double knee replacement soon.  Hope all  goes well Rose.


Rose and Arthur Frazier moved to On Top of The World in February and love it there. They have spent most of the quarantine time setting up new doctors and getting lots of tests done. Son, Timothy, graduates from Florida Institute for Technology with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering in May.  Arthur and Rose made a week-long trip to Costa Rica to help and visit with missionary friends then came back just in time for the lockdown.  They don't plan to do much traveling over the next few months as Rose is hoping to get a double knee replacement soon.  Hope all  goes well Rose.

Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz say they have nothing to report other than the fact that they are healthy and hoping for things to open up soon.


Ed and Patti Straten had planned a 17 day dream cruise to Sydney, Bora Bora and Honolulu, ending with a beautiful week at the Hale Koa.  Due to the virus  pandemic, they are still at home in Pensacola...and still dreaming.


This picture makes us think they are in Hawaii.  Looking good.

Submitted by Pat O’Brien, Sec./Treas.

Submitted by Pat O'Brien, Sec/Treas.