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11/29/2023 Member News & Website Updates

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The NWSA Has Its Own Facebook Page, Twitter Account and a Blog!

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Welcome to the new NWSA Blog! Feel free to enter constructive comments and suggestions for the NWSA organization, its website, or quarterly newsletter, The Aerograph. All entries will be reviewed.

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1. Robert Josephs | July 09, 2016 at 10:11 AM EDT

At the Annual NWSA Meetings (reunions/conventions) members present vote on the election of officers and changes to the NWSA constitution and bylaws. It appears, based on empirical data, that about only ten percent of the NWSA membership attends an annual meeting. To increase participation in the election of officers and changes to the constitution/bylaws I proposed NWSA institute an absentee ballot so that all members have an opportunity to vote. Perhaps in the next Aerograph a survey of members could be initiated to see if members agree with this voting initiative.

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The Naval Weather Service Association (NWSA) is an association of Aerographers & Mates, Meteorologists & Oceanographers, those who have served and are still serviing in various positions, both military and civilian, within the U.S. Navy. The Naval Weather Service Association was formed in August, 1976, and given the name "Naval Weather Service Association". That action occurred in Pensacola, Florida during the USA's Bicentennial Year. 

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