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The roster of those medically unable to perform their duties.

From: Fay Crossley, HRC Pres.
Subject: Doris Stepaniak
Date: 27 Aug. 2017

Just dropping in to say hello and let you know the latest on my health condition.  I'm still going through chemo and doing well.  My tumor is shrinking which is good news.  Dr says it will never go away completely but he is very pleased with my progress.  I'm still driving and running errands but very tired which is normal. I had lunch with Eve Muscari yesterday.  It was great seeing her and catching up on   everything.  She called me this morning and updated me on Ann Salvato passing away.  So sad to hear that.  May she rest in peace. I plan to attend her service on Sept 9th.  Hoping to see many of you there.

Sending my love and good thoughts.


Doris Stepaniak
6117 Saunders Dr
V.B., VA. 23464-2111

From: Fay Crossley, HRC Pres.
Subject: Joan Akers and Dan Lee
Date: 21 August 2017

From Joan Akers...
About 5 days ago ((8/10 about))  I had surgery on the left side of my face and today they took the tiny stitches out.  I have a incision about 2 1/2 inches long and it is healing very well.  No pain any time after the needle numbed the spot the first time.  I guess I am just lucky.  Any way, I am doing  fine. no pain. 

Joan Akers
984 Sunnyside Dr. 
V.B., VA. 23464

Remember too that Frank Shrout is going through some rough times too.  

From Carmen Lee...

We are planning to head for WV for Labor Day weekend, the change should do

Dan alot of good.   He is driving fine now still some challenges but getting better.

Thoughts and prayers needed....


From: Libby O'Brien, NWSA Sec./Treas.
Subject: Pat O'Brien, AGCM USN RET
Date: 22 Aug. 2017

Just wanted to let you know things are going very well with Pat.  He had 70% blockage in his right coronary artery and they were able to put in a stint.   He's home now but very bored as the doctor won't let him do anything until we see him later this month.  No golf, yard work, fishing or driving!  So you know he's beside himself!!  We are able to go to the baseball games so at least he gets out of the house.

Take care and God Bless!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


Pat O'Brien


From: Fay Crossley
Subject: Steve Shafer
Date; 6 August 2017

On 2 August 2017 about 12:00 – noon I went to Rex Hospital Raleigh NC and had a Procedure called a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement with the Edwards SAPIEN 3. The Dr, said I imedulated looked better also Sylvia and Selena said my color returned to my face. I feel much better now. If anyone has a valve problem I recommend having it done. Before it I could only walk about 40 to 50 steps and had to stop and catch my breath. Today I walked down to the road about 75 feet and back I have not been able to do that in 3 years.

Steve Shafer
8013 Summit DR.
Goldsboro, NC 27530-7053 

From: Ruth Davis
Subject: Alan Davis
Date: 30 July 2017

Alan G. Davis, AGC / USN/ RET is being treated with Immunotherapy (Opdivo)
for a stage four melanoma on his liver and has had 50% success since December. 

Alan Davis
702 838-7932
702 838-7932
702 838-7932
8431 Garnet Peak CT
Las Vegas, NV 89117-9162
702 838-7932