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Source: Aerograph February 2020

Happy New year to my fellow Weather Guessers! Just a few notes about our upcoming reunion in Savannah, GA., to answer a few questions. 


Dress code for the banquet is casual.  Just relax and have a great time.


We will need to carpool to the banquet, about 3 miles.


The trolley tour can accommodate wheel chairs but you will need to walk a few steps getting off for lunch at Paula Dean’s.


Please get your activities reservations in by 01 March for planning and Hotel reservations by 15 March to take advantage of the NWSA reunion discount.


The original info had our hotel at exit 104 off Rt. 95...It’s exit 102.

Ok, that’s enough housekeeping.  Hope many of you are planning to attend #46.  There is a lot to love about Savannah and a lot to love about getting together with our shipmates.  I promise you, a visit to The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth will be a memorable experience.


Cheers to all,


Jim Romano

President NWSA

Source: Aerograph November 2019

Greetings from the Land of Pleasant Living, as they call Maryland. Six more months and we gather in Savannah for our #46.


NWSA Salutes The Mighty Eighth.


The planning has been done and scheduled.  Event schedule, hotel info and fee list will appear in this edition of the Aerograph. I urge you to please respond as early as possible so we may have a reasonable count for each venue. 


And now, a little history... On 28 Jan 1942, the Eighth Air Force was activated in Savannah, Ga. Soon they moved to England and became "the greatest Air Armada of all time."   Winston Churchill called them "Masters of the Air." There were some 350,000 personnel who served in the Eighth Air Force. More than 26,000 were killed and another 28.000 became POWs.  Incredibly, their losses surpassed those suffered by our Marine Corps in the Pacific during World War II.


The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force: They Saved the World - We Save Their Stories.


Two very comprehensive books about The Mighty Eighth make very informative and emotional reading - "Masters of the Air" by Donald Miller and "The Mighty Eighth" by Gerald Astor.  Reading either of these books is bound to make you feel a part of the museum.  The guided tour takes you on a Bombing Mission over Germany during World War II.

Savannah also offers many great sites to see downtown.  The historic cobblestone river front, along the Savannah River, is home to many quaint shops and restaurants. Our Trolley tour will take us into many picturesque squares with colorful old homes and mansions owned by early settlers.  In the February Aerograph we'll list some of the more interesting restaurants along Bay Street. Tybee Island (18 miles from town) is Savannah's beach area and rates a visit along with historic Hunter Army Airfield, just South of center city, about one mile or so.  

   Savannah was also home to the great Johnny Mercer. You might want to visit the "Moon River" district. Wow!  So many things to do and so little time!!


Ok, back to business. We still need a relief for Gary Cox as AEROGRAPH EDITOR.  Gary has done a herculean job for many years, but now it's time for his relief. He's been requesting a relief for a few years now. We've got to help him. Someone has got to step up!! Gary will give you all the help you need to smoothly start up and continue with the quarterly editions, plus you get FREE REUNION TRIPS!! NWSA will pay for your travel and hotel expenses!!  A great deal! Please don't allow The Aerograph to sink!


Larry, Lori, Tom & Gary have been a great advisory crew in helping to set up #46.  All of us stand ready to answer your questions or to listen to your ideas about the reunion or our association.  Keep in touch.


Enjoy the Fall, Winter's almost here.  Rosalie and I wish you all a very safe and fulfilling holiday season.


 Jim Romano

NWSA President

Source: Aerograph August 2019

Plans are well underway for our #46 reunion. The highlight of the week will be a tour of the National Museum of The Mighty Eighth Air Force.  I urge you all to read Masters of the Air by Donald Miller.  You will really appreciate The Mighty Eighth if you do.

Reunion will take place during April 5-April 9, 2020 in the Pooler area of Savannah, GA. This is about 4 miles from the airport and 6-7 miles from Bay Street along the Savannah River.


Hotel, right next to the museum, is the Best Western Plus (Suites.)  155 Bourn Ave., Pooler, GA. Ph 912-330-0330. Our rate is $105.57 per nite, includes all taxes. Just mention you’re with NWSA. Free parking, Free WiFi and Free Breakfast are includedThey also offer an Airport shuttle. You may cancel 72 hrs prior to reservation time. Every room comes with a sitting area, Fridge & Microwave. Venue is at exit 102 at Rt 95 & GA Rt 80.

Full scheduling of events and event pricing will appear in November Aerograph or on the website prior. There is plenty of great shopping, restaurants and a cinema within a 2-mile area from the hotel.


Along with the Mighty Eighth tour, we’ll tour lovely, historic Savannah by trolley, have lunch at Paula Dean’s and have plenty of free time to enjoy the area. We’ll arrange nine holes of golf at a nice local course.  Banquet will be held at our hotel or nearby Sam Sneads which has excellent food.

So, we’re off and running.  Weather should be decent.  All we need is the crowd!


Would also like to give a well done to Lori Casperson who has volunteered to move into the 2nd VP chair. Looks as though we will have another Casperson as our president someday.  What a family!


Rosalie and I hope you all had a great summer and are looking forward to a loverly fall. It’s our favorite time of the year.

Cheers everyone,


Jim Romano

NWSA President

Source: Aerograph May 2019


I am very proud and honored to assume the role as your President.  I do so with fond remembrance and respect for people like Don and Marge Cruse who helped build the Naval Weather Service Association and provided years of invaluable guidance to many of us in our early Navy careers. Don was the first LDO in the Naval Weather Service and thru the years, he made us all proud.

Many thanks go to Lori and Cap Casperson for a wonderful and educating reunion in Thousand Oaks. Lori did a superb job finding a great hotel, planning a neat venue for a delicious dinner and arranging a very informative tour with President Reagan.  The highlight of the reunion was a day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  The library is seated on a picturesque hill overlooking the splendor that is Southern California.  Inside the Library were very moving videos, exciting displays and a complete history of a great President who helped end the Cold War. A large piece of the Berlin Wall is also on display. We were able to tour Reagan’s Air Force One and enjoyed a buffet lunch under its wing.  Many of us agreed that it was one of the finest Presidential Libraries/Museums we have.

A special temporary exhibit of the history of Pompeii and its destruction by the Mt Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD was very moving, as preserved remains of victims were also on display. A film depiction portrayed the horror of that historic day.

I sincerely thank AGC Cap for his patience and guidance in helping me to slide into the President’s chair smoothly.  Cap is very well organized and I have always admired his calm demeanor.  I hope to emulate his leadership as I become the Caretaker of our President’s Gavel.

My first order of business is to begin planning our #46. Many of you are wondering…. IT’S SAVANNAH!!  The center piece of #46 will be The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. Why the Air Force you ask??  If you will please read the book Masters of the Air by Donald Miller, prior to our reunion, you will understand.  Get it at the local library or Amazon or call the museum.  It will make you angry, shocked and proud of what the 8th accomplished.  Winston Churchill coined the phrase when he spoke,” Without the Masters of the Air, the men of the American Eighth Air Force who fought in the greatest Air War in history, D-day could not have happened.”

Please do some reading/research-You’ll be glad you did.  I have visited the Mighty Eighth several times and it’s an inspiring place.

In a few months I will have the reunion details, hotel, dinner, golf etc. Rosalie & I are shooting for late April or late October 2020. Depends on best availability and reasonable pricing.

We are still looking for a new editor for the Aerograph.  Gary Cox has done a splendid job for many, many, many years.  We need a new editor so that Gary can do more work on the web page. Someone please step up!  Speaking of the Aerograph, we need more of you to opt for an e-mail copy.  Please sign up on the webpage. HELP SAVE BUCKS!!

I am looking forward to a great two years.  I know that Mel, Larry, Tom, Gary and the rest of the executive board will be a great help keeping me out of trouble and my foot to the pedal.  Please contact any of us to discuss your ideas or suggestions to improve our programs or Association in general.



CWO-3 Jim Romano USN Ret

NWSA President