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Source: Aerograph November 2020

I hope you are all well and coping with Covid as best you canWe are overly concerned that our reunion #46 may be postponed again. With the Virus again raising its ugly head in most states, the outlook for  our April venue in Savannah is highly doubtful.  The next practical dates would be late September/Early October 2021. Same Bat Town, same Bat Venue. (for you Batman fans) 
The NWSA Officers will meet over the Internet during late November and decide our best course of actionWe will not have another reunion until the atmosphere is no longer a danger to our health. You will be  notified of our decision thru the web site and e-mail. 

Our Change-Of-Command normally occurs between April and July, but I would like to stay on to finish the job for #46. 
This has been an extremely unsettled time for all of us, missing family & friends, curtailing our social and entertainment lives and most of all the stress of dealing with our unsettling government issues and  fear of catching this horrible virus.  
I leave you with the following thought. Some of my fellow parishioners have a great philosophy,
 “Pop -A –Cork and Pray”!! 
Cheers Mates, 

Jim Romano 
CWO-3 USN (Ret) 

Source: Aerograph August 2020

First, I would like to extend my great appreciation to Steve “Smitty” Smith for assuming the Aerograph Editor’s chair. I am sure Gary’s appreciation is even greater. Good luck, Steve and again…Thank You!! 

Gary, Thank You for your years of Yeoman performance and dedication in publishing an outstanding Aerograph each quarter. I sincerely hope that none of our families have been affected by the Covid-19. This has been a very stressful year for all of us who needed to make social plans and more importantly for those who had friends or family infected. One of the worst parts of this is not being able hug your friends.

I am very concerned that Our Reunion #46 may have to be postponed again. Unless a vaccine is found by the end of 2020, Masks and Social Distancing may be the uniform of the day for next April. Therefore, we will not be requesting reservations until this coming December or January. The Board will be keeping abreast of the travel climate for next spring and will advise as appropriate. This is definitely “A Revolting Development.” 

The venue will still be the same, featuring “The Mighty Eighth” in Savannah, GA. Pricing may be slightly higher, but we will not publish anything until the November Aerograph at the earliest. Proposed dates are April 25-29, 2021.

Two years ago, Lori Casperson recommended a cruise for a future reunion and I wholeheartedly agreed. I still think it’s a great idea. We have gotten quite a few positive comments and a few negs. If we can ever get #46 accomplished, then I will recommend #47 be on the high seas. Charleston, SC & Port Canaveral, FL have excellent facilities for parking and boarding. Just a thought. 

Cheers everyone and keep safe, 
Jim Romano

Source: Aerograph May 2020

Greetings Shipmates,


The unfortunate cancellation of Reunion #46 is probably the least of our worries.  We are planning to reschedule the last week of April 2021.  But for now, our main concern is the health of all.


Social Distancing is the new way of life.  We must not only worry about our own health but we are also responsible for that of our families and neighbors.  We must work together to defeat this horrible virus and bring our lives somewhat back to normal.  We can do it with patience and responsible living.  I pray that none of our families have been infected.

I don’t envision any changes for next year’s SAVANNAH reunion.  I hope all that registered for this year will return and that many who could not make 2020 will join us in 2021. Reunion #46 information will be published in the next three Aerographs. (August, November & February)


A bit of military history - Not as celebrated as D-Day or Iwo Jima, but deadlier, was the Battle Of The Bulge.  Seventy-Five years ago, this past January, was the costliest encounter for the United States in the entire war.  More than 19,000 Americans were killed, 62,000 wounded and 26,000 captured or missing, in a ferocious battle that lasted between December 16, 1944 and January 25, 1945.  Lest we forget!


Again, I must ask for someone to step up and assume the position as Aerograph Editor.  Gary Cox has done an admirable job for the last 80-90 years.  He needs a relief.  Please, Gary will give you all the help you need in accepting this much appreciated position.

 Wishing everyone a VERY healthy 2020.



Jim Romano

Source: Aerograph February 2020

Happy New year to my fellow Weather Guessers! Just a few notes about our upcoming reunion in Savannah, GA., to answer a few questions. 


Dress code for the banquet is casual.  Just relax and have a great time.


We will need to carpool to the banquet, about 3 miles.


The trolley tour can accommodate wheel chairs but you will need to walk a few steps getting off for lunch at Paula Dean’s.


Please get your activities reservations in by 01 March for planning and Hotel reservations by 15 March to take advantage of the NWSA reunion discount.


The original info had our hotel at exit 104 off Rt. 95...It’s exit 102.

Ok, that’s enough housekeeping.  Hope many of you are planning to attend #46.  There is a lot to love about Savannah and a lot to love about getting together with our shipmates.  I promise you, a visit to The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth will be a memorable experience.


Cheers to all,


Jim Romano

President NWSA

Source: Aerograph November 2019

Greetings from the Land of Pleasant Living, as they call Maryland. Six more months and we gather in Savannah for our #46.


NWSA Salutes The Mighty Eighth.


The planning has been done and scheduled.  Event schedule, hotel info and fee list will appear in this edition of the Aerograph. I urge you to please respond as early as possible so we may have a reasonable count for each venue. 


And now, a little history... On 28 Jan 1942, the Eighth Air Force was activated in Savannah, Ga. Soon they moved to England and became "the greatest Air Armada of all time."   Winston Churchill called them "Masters of the Air." There were some 350,000 personnel who served in the Eighth Air Force. More than 26,000 were killed and another 28.000 became POWs.  Incredibly, their losses surpassed those suffered by our Marine Corps in the Pacific during World War II.


The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force: They Saved the World - We Save Their Stories.


Two very comprehensive books about The Mighty Eighth make very informative and emotional reading - "Masters of the Air" by Donald Miller and "The Mighty Eighth" by Gerald Astor.  Reading either of these books is bound to make you feel a part of the museum.  The guided tour takes you on a Bombing Mission over Germany during World War II.

Savannah also offers many great sites to see downtown.  The historic cobblestone river front, along the Savannah River, is home to many quaint shops and restaurants. Our Trolley tour will take us into many picturesque squares with colorful old homes and mansions owned by early settlers.  In the February Aerograph we'll list some of the more interesting restaurants along Bay Street. Tybee Island (18 miles from town) is Savannah's beach area and rates a visit along with historic Hunter Army Airfield, just South of center city, about one mile or so.  

   Savannah was also home to the great Johnny Mercer. You might want to visit the "Moon River" district. Wow!  So many things to do and so little time!!


Ok, back to business. We still need a relief for Gary Cox as AEROGRAPH EDITOR.  Gary has done a herculean job for many years, but now it's time for his relief. He's been requesting a relief for a few years now. We've got to help him. Someone has got to step up!! Gary will give you all the help you need to smoothly start up and continue with the quarterly editions, plus you get FREE REUNION TRIPS!! NWSA will pay for your travel and hotel expenses!!  A great deal! Please don't allow The Aerograph to sink!


Larry, Lori, Tom & Gary have been a great advisory crew in helping to set up #46.  All of us stand ready to answer your questions or to listen to your ideas about the reunion or our association.  Keep in touch.


Enjoy the Fall, Winter's almost here.  Rosalie and I wish you all a very safe and fulfilling holiday season.


 Jim Romano

NWSA President