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Source: Aerograph August  2020

First and foremost, I’d like to thank President Romano and the Executive Council for giving me the opportunity to serve as Aerograph Editor. I’d also like to thank the outgoing Editor for a great turnover. Gary, if I can do half the job you did for the last 80 to 90 years, I will indeed consider my tour a success! Seriously though, it’s an honor and privilege to step in for Gary and you can rest assured, I will give you my all. 

To put it mildly, these are challenging and difficult times we are living in. Things are happening so fast it almost makes your head spin. It seems not a day goes by without some event happening making one wonder if the madness is ever going to stop. Is it too late to right the ship? In the words of my friend and former Pastor, Norlyn Kent, “Perhaps God will once again look upon on our nation and preserve it for the sake of His saints. I hope so, because I love this country, though my heart aches over its present condition and course.” So until next time, stay safe, stay strong and keep the faith, because we’re still blessed to live in these United States of America!


Autumn is without a doubt my favorite season! It silently slipped by last year and there for a while, my thoughts wandered west towards California and the magnificent Eastern Sierras. In Octobers past you’d find me hiking the trails of Lundy Canyon, Lake Sabrina, North Lake, June Lake Loop, Parker and Convict Lakes, just to name a few. Trails on which my spirits soared like an eagle and my thoughts and meditation were just between me and God, where breathing in the sweet scent of pine in the brisk mountain air was delightfully intoxicating and the only sounds to be heard were the gentle whispering of the wind, a distant waterfall, a pine cone falling to the ground from a towering Redwood or sometimes, when I was very lucky, the piercing sound of a Red-tailed Hawk as it soared high overhead searching for prey. And then there were times when the only sound was that of silence, when that still small voice seemed to be beckoning. It was during those times when tears of joy flowed easily as I beheld just a glimpse of God’s majesty!

God’s countless blessings occur every day, we just have to take time and notice. They can take on many forms; a baby’s laughter, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, our health, gathering with family and friends over the holidays or just a quiet peaceful moment reflecting on everything that is truly good in our life. Noticing is the first part, but we must also thank Him with a grateful and joyous heart, even during the difficult times. Perhaps, like many of you, that’s something I strive to do every day, some days better than others. So won’t you join me? Just close your eyes and say, Thank you Lord for this beautiful day and your many blessings, amen. Wow, I feel so much better! And it is my prayer, you do also.

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