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Source: Aerograph May  2020

In the Best Experiences While on Active Duty section in this issue there is a submission by xAG2 Robert Devine.   In the article he mentions being “a naive kid from the Missouri Ozarks”, Specifically, Robert is from Howell County, MO. . It turns out my paternal grandfather was living there when he married my grandmother. When I mention the coincidence to Robert, who spends a lot of his time doing genealogy, he dug up my grandparent’s wedding affidavit and a copy of their U.S. Census submission after my father, his brother and sisters were born. He also found other documents which corrected errors in a previous Cox family history. It is absolutely amazing what can be found on the Internet, if you know where to look and have access to it.

If you’ll recall in the February Editor’s Desk the discussion of my medical problem, There is good news now. It sure is a pleasure to be able to stand at a toilet or urinal and do one’s business naturally.

The CUT-OFF date will be Monday, 27 July 2020 for the August issue of The Aerograph.

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