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Editor: xAG2 Gary L. Cox, USN REL

Aerograph Content Submission Guidelines

(Feel free to submit anything appropriate, in any manner; if there is a problem, I'll let you know.) 

Source: Aerograph August 2017

I think the Aerograph title, “Editor”, now days should in actuality be, “Copier and Paster”, as much of the task is doing just that with others’ submissions. Modern word processing software (I use Microsoft Word) can automatically offer spelling and grammar corrections as the text is pasted in.

As submissions come in that I know or likely need to be in the next Aerograph, like obituaries, I gradually add them to a “mocked up” format of the next issue. By the time the final chapter news, and President and Secretary/Treasurer reports come in, 70 to 90 percent of the Aerograph is complete. Then, it is just a matter of going through other submissions to fill out the new Aerograph to an acceptable format, and one to printer-ready size of multiples of 4 pages, e.g., 16, 20, or 24 pages.  Finally, I email the Aerograph, including to the printer via Mike Gilroy

It is not necessary to have a desk top computer—a lap top will do. However, access to a printer is needed, and a scanner advisable.

As the title of a recent Willie Nelson song implies, “I Woke Up Still Not Dead Again Today”, the current Aerograph “Copier/Paster” plans to be available to help a new editor get his or her feet off the ground, as AGCM Charlie Jordan did with me.

The cut-off date will be Monday, 23 October 2017 for the November issue of The Aerograph.

Former Aerograph Editor Charlie Jordan's Favorite Cartoons

(Unpublished in the Aerograph) 

A Well-Earned "Bravo Zulu" to Charlie