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Source: Aerograph May 2018

Reunion #44 in New Orleans has come and gone, I hope those that attended had an enjoyable and worthwhile time. Thanks a million to Libby and Pat O’Brien, Denny Maljevac, Bernie Bauer, Nancy and Larry Warrenfeltz, and other members of the Pensacola Chapter. Recently retired CAPT Greg Ireton USN, who lives in Slidell, was also a great help with the donated items, and the loan of a HUGH cooler. They ALL made it happen.

As Cap and Libby have mentioned, 2019 Reunion #45 will be in the Simi Valley area of the Reagan Presidential Library, where Moon Mullen is a volunteer. Reunion Chair Lori Casperson needs help, as the Pensacola Chapt. did for me, from those who live in southern CA. Beside the big arrangements, like hotel and banquet contracts, there is a lot more planning and arrangements that goes into making a successful reunion. Contact Lori at

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Former Aerograph Editor Charlie Jordan's Favorite Cartoons

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A Well-Earned "Bravo Zulu" to Charlie