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AG School Class pictures (Lakehurst, Chanute, Keesler) are being accepted for upload to this site.
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AGCM Roger R. LaBrie, USN RET
March 30, 1946 to March 13, 2008

AGCS Ernest L. Trommler, USN RET
July 1, 1929 to June 28, 2019

Submitted by Brian Siciliano
AG A Class 7207 Picture
Submitted by LCDR Dennis Ruth, USN RET

AG1 Anthony "Tony" Moreno, USN RET
Passed November 5, 2019 at Age 78


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AGCS Ernest L. Trommler USN RET Has Passed
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Updated Reunion 46 Info and Reservation Form

Chanute Forecaster Class 1978
Last Chanute Forecaster Class 1993


RSO 937 (C) School Class Picture
The 4th Row, 2nd from left is Willard Stanley Brown

xAG2 Edward G. Marsch, Jr., USN REL
January 26, 1931 - August 20, 2019
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ex-ATW/AT1(AC) Looking for VW1 AGs on Acapulco trip

Chanute Observer Class, 1979
Chanute Forecaster Class, Spring 1983

Keesler AG-A Class Graduated Aug. 15, 2019

CAPT William A. Raines, USN RET
June 18, 1936 to July 28, 2019

AGCS Alfred C. Kotlarz, USN RET 
March 22, 1929 ~ April 1, 2019 (AGE 90)


The software used to edit this website has been extremely temperamental lately, even when I am able to log into Network Solutions which hosts the website. This has made it unusually difficult in finalizing the August Aerograph, which uses files residing on the website and links to them.  Thank you for your patience. 

My father, Morris Biegel, was a platoon sergeant in the Marine Corp during WWII.

In documents that I have, it says he trained as an Aerographer at the Naval Air Station in New Jersey, in 1943, was then stationed in Santa Barbara where he was a meterology aerographer and then he was shipped to the Pacific where he was with the 3rd Marine Division also as a meterology aerographer during the war.

I came across two felt pieces in his belongings with the letter "A" [see above] and I was wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that he was an aerographer. 

Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 
Elena Biegel Bazes

AGCS James C. "Jim" Fisher, Sr., USN RET
October 17, 1938 to October 27, 2018

5th to 9th April, 2020
Savannah, Georgia

AG1 Roger Clark Has Passed
Details Soon


Greetings from the family of David and Harriett Sokol.  As you probably know, both of my parents died this past year.  I wanted to let you know that their joint burial service will be held at Arlington National Cemetery in October.  My parents treasured the friendships they made over the decades of my father's career; you were very important to them.
Warmly, Leslie (Sokol) Rebhorn

We miss Dave & Harriett.  Dave served in the U.S. Navy for some forty years -- all over the world.  He served as an Aerographer's Mate and, after commissioning, rose through the ranks, retiring as a Captain.  Very few Mustangs in our community made it to Captain. 

Best regards,
John R. Lincoln
CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Fellow of the American Meteorological Society

Looking for former USS Midway Aerographers

AG-C1 Class Graduated May 2, 2019

AGCS William W. Price, USN RET
October 29, 1930 to March 15, 2019

Submitted by AGCM Douglas Maxwell, USN RET

New NWSA Historian, Tom Hanagan, introduces himself!

Beginning of Reunion 45 Pictures


In December, an exAG3 who served on the USS Hornet during the early 1960's sent a message to Tom Hanagan offering information and photos of the weather office. The message was lost. Would that good person please resend the message to or call me at 530-908-4843. Thank you!

Items Needed for Restoration of USS Hornet's Weather Office

I am starting a restoration of the weather office on the USS Hornet. I would like to reach out to the members to see if I can get background on the state of the office when it was decommissioned in 1970. This includes photos as well as information on what equipment was installed. I know some equipment has been removed, but most of it is there. Do you have suggestions on how to reach out to AG's who were stationed on the ship back then? I'll also be trying to procure equipment that was located in the office at the time (e.g. recording barographs and thermographs, handheld psychrometers, etc.). I'd like to contact NAS stations that may have old stuff laying around, and I'm guessing the best way is through the "old boy network". Finally, older hand plotted maps and especially teletype transmissions of weather code for a display of decoding, plotting, and map analysis. Any suggestions there are appreciated, too. 

Best regards,
Tom Hanagan

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This book contains 170 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, some colored photos, and is bound between soft covers.  Selling price is $15.00 and up through Flag Day, 14 June 2015, I will pay shipping costs, to U. S. addresses.  Shipments outside U.S. will receive substantial discount on shipping in that same time frame.  Volume discounts available and individually negotiable.  Profits from sales go to the publisher - Brillion Nature Center - a non-profit organization excluded from collection of sales tax.  Shipping and packaging fees will be added to sales price after 14 June.
   Books may be ordered by e-mail to  or by phone: 920-756-3919 (land line) or 920-860-4193 (Cell).  Personal checks payable to Frenchy Corbeille will be accepted as payment, mail to R. Claude Corbeille                                                                                                                    446 Ridgeway Drive                                                                                                                     Brillion, WI 54110
And if you wonder which three years, they would be 2012, 2013 and 2014.
In advance I am thanking you for your continued support and patronage.
Submitted by CAPT R. Claude "Frenchy" Corbeille, USN RET

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A Virtual Wastebasket of Random Memories

Both Highly Recommended...
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E-mails from the Front Lines of the Cancer War


AGC Charles "Cap" Casperson, USN RET

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