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AG School Class pictures (Lakehurst, Chanute, Biloxi) are being accepted for upload to this site.

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Pictures from Reunion #43
More to Come!

LTJG Elsie L. (Weber) Mulrooney, USN REL
Passed February 10, 2017 at Age 81

AG1 Rodney "Mac" McElwaney, USN RET
April 24, 1937 to March 7, 2017

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS)
Know exactly how much rain or snow you and sites in your area have received. It is fun and not that much work.

LCDR Gerald D. "Bud" Parham, USN RET
Passed March 24 , 2017

2/24/2017--updated 3/25
 AGCS Nicholas C. "Nick" Miller, USN RET Passed February 23rd at Age 79

Joan Futtner

1972 Christmas Card - MCAS Rose Garden (RTAF Nam Phong, Thailand)
Submitted by SGT Lon McDougal, USMC 

Ann Salvato and Doris Stepaniak

News on Reunion #44 in New Orleans 2018
See bottom of webpage

Gloria Jacobs

April 10, 1925 to January 11, 2017

(Wife of AGC Zane E. Jacobs, USN RET)


Question on WW2 Ship Reports


The Air Weather Association received a question from a researcher in England that you or others in your association may be able to answer.


**The question concerns the enciphering of weather messages during the war and is prompted by a paper Brian Booth just uncovered in the UK Meteorological Office archives.

In a typewritten memorandum summarizing the methods used by the Germans to obtain Allied weather observations during the war, the author includes the following sentence:

      Also received were 8 American ship reports, the code for

      which was changed monthly and less difficulty was

      experienced in deciphering these.

Would you be able to confirm if the code was only changed on a monthly basis? **

The American ship reports are unknown as to whether they were from the Navy, Coast Guard or others.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated immensely.

Happy New Year!


James Kevin Lavin, Col USAF (Ret.)

AWA President

AGCM Billie R. Lilienthal, USN (ret)
June 6, 1936 to January 10, 2017


February 2017 Aerograph Now Available to Members on:
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NWSED Corpus Christi, Xmas 1969
Submitted by xAG2 Berl Meyer, USN REL

USS Kitty Hawk, Xmas 1978
Submitted by CDR Steve Schrobo, USN RET

Chase Field, Christmas 1960

November 2016 Bellinger Member and Non-Member Lists now available on:
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More Than the Navy's Weather Experts
by Bill Stevenson
FRA today, Oct. 2016

Color Film of Japanese Surrender Aboard USS Missouri
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Made by CDR George F. Kosco, USN RET
ADM Halsey's 3rd Fleet Staff Aerologist and Navigator

Both submitted by LCDR Bruce DeWald, USN RET

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Submitted by AGC Larry Field, USN RET
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NWSA T-Shirts on Sale by HRC

The Hampton Roads Chapter of the NWSA is expanding their sales to include Tee Shirts along with the Hats.  Hat sales have been pretty good and we thank everyone that has bought them. 


The Tee Shirts will be offered in WHITE, RED, LIGHT BLUE and NAVY BLUE.  SIZES on hand “most of the time” will be Large, Extra Large and TWO X.  Cost will be the same as hats, $15 plus S/H which, for the hats have been running about $4.00 each….S/H would be less if ordering more.  Orders can be discussed and questions answered by contacting AGCS ret, Bob Daigle at…..


Send your order to HRC Treasurer AGCS ret Bob Daigle, 3101 Montour CT, Virginia Beach VA. 23453-5547.  Bob’s phone number is 757-468-3741 if you have questions.  We can only accept checks, please make them out to HRC and in MEMO section put what you have ordered.   


For those wanting shirts with pockets and/or, Small, Medium and THREE X sizes, these will be handled as special orders and could take up to two weeks to get them in the mail.  This is not to discourage you to order what you want.  We just can’t keep everything on hand.  When an order is received we will let you know within a day or two if we have the item in stock and when it will be shipped or if there will be a delay and about how long that will be.  If you have email please include that with your order, we like to keep our records straight and email makes it easy. 

Fay Crossley, HRC Sec. 

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The Challenge Coins are in and can be ordered by the members from Libby O'Brien, NWSA Sec/Treas.  Please note that we would like NWSA chapters to ask their members if they would like one and we could send the coins in bulk rather than individually. Unless of course there is no chapter in their area. The coins are $10.00 each which includes postage.

Elizabeth O'Brien
NWSA Secretary/Treasurer
515 Ashley Road
Cantonment, FL 32533

The Hampton Roads Chapter of the Naval Weather Service Association is embarking on a venture to provide NWSA hats to members and any interested folks that have money.  If the hats do okay, we might expand the selections to Sweat Shirts, Tee-Shirts, and maybe even jackets.  We in HRC want to advertise our Association and perhaps bring more people into membership at the various chapter levels. 

If you would like to buy one or more of the NWSA hats, the price is $15.00 plus shipping which is usually $4.00 per hat, but some savings can be shared if you buy more than one hat and have them shipped to the same address.

Send your order to HRC Treasurer AGCS ret Bob Daigle, 3101 Montour CT, Virginia Beach VA. 23453-5547. Bob’s phone number is 757-468-3741 if you have questions. 

The hats come with basically the same embroidered logo just different colors and the hats are Red, White and Blue.  See picture.  When placing your order specify hat’s color and number of hats you are ordering. 

Comments and suggestions should be sent to HRC Secretary Fay Crossley via email at 


Fraternally, HRC membership

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This book contains 170 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, some colored photos, and is bound between soft covers.  Selling price is $15.00 and up through Flag Day, 14 June 2015, I will pay shipping costs, to U. S. addresses.  Shipments outside U.S. will receive substantial discount on shipping in that same time frame.  Volume discounts available and individually negotiable.  Profits from sales go to the publisher - Brillion Nature Center - a non-profit organization excluded from collection of sales tax.  Shipping and packaging fees will be added to sales price after 14 June.
   Books may be ordered by e-mail to  or by phone: 920-756-3919 (land line) or 920-860-4193 (Cell).  Personal checks payable to Frenchy Corbeille will be accepted as payment, mail to R. Claude Corbeille                                                                                                                    446 Ridgeway Drive                                                                                                                     Brillion, WI 54110
And if you wonder which three years, they would be 2012, 2013 and 2014.
In advance I am thanking you for your continued support and patronage.
Submitted by CAPT R. Claude "Frenchy" Corbeille, USN RET

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A Virtual Wastebasket of Random Memories

Both Highly Recommended...
Contact CAPT/DR Larry at:

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E-mails from the Front Lines of the Cancer War


AGC Charles "Cap" Casperson, USN RET

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