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Jacksonville, FL

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President:  LT Todd McDonald USN RET

1st Vice Pres: AGCS Steve Turco USN RET
2nd Vice Pres:  AGC Bob Johnson USN RET
Sec/Treas:  AGCS Frank Andrews USN RET

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph November 2017

The NWSA SE CHAPTER held their FALL MEETING on 9/7/2017 at the Golden Corral in Orange Park, FL


LT Todd McDonald and family, (President); AGCS Steve Turco, 1st VP; AGC Bob Johnson and several family members were present, 2nd VP, AGCS Frank Andrews (Sec/Trea) and Jane was present. Our liaison Regina Perry was not present due to pending storm.

This was the second year that we were under the threat of a hurricane. Last year we had Matthew hit the Jacksonville area on the night of the meeting, and this time, we were under the threat of IRMA, a CAT 5 Hurricane heading our way.

We had a great turn out:  Our President TODD and CHERYL and daughter, AGC/AW Salvatore and Susan Magaddino, Mr. Chuck Bergman, LT Fred and Lina Bergman, AG1 Clarence and Antonaitt Grayson, AGCS Steve Turco (1st  VP), AGCS Lloyd and Daisy Corbett, AGCM Joe McGarr, and AGC Bob and Charline Johnson (2nd VP), attending.

We had another new member attending for the first time. They just moved from Columbia SC to Jacksonville and closed on a home just before the scheduled arrival of Hurricane IRMA – what a welcome. We welcome AGC Jim and Sandy Kilmer to Jacksonville. We had been in contact with Jim and Sandy for about 3 years when they started thinking of retiring in Jacksonville. He is a former member of the National Weather Service and Naval Weather Service.

The first business: we wanted to advise our members that there would be a Christmas Party and all weather types would be welcome, but we would need to know in advance. It will be held again at LT TODD McDONALD's home on December 7th (Friday) at 1800 hours.


We assisted in passing along information to correct an error in the Annual Oceanographer of the Navy Award (It was award related to the first AGC John Dungan Jr. AGCS Enrique Acosta Gonzalez received the award but there was an error in the information. It should be corrected in the next AEROGRAPH.

We went over the information of the members that have passed away and importance of having details saved of their career and where to leave the OBIT or History of Weather Service career. We are collecting information saving it on the disk for family member if requested. We lost the following members this past year: AGC RAYMOND BIERLY, AGC GALE CAPLEY, LCDR BUD PARHAM.

Other AGENDA ITEMS: We put up on display the following: The past 3 years of our tax return (990EZ), past AEROGRAPH, BELLINGER LIST, SHIFT COLORS, FRA Today. They were there if they would like to review them or, if they would like to have one, it would be sent to them upon request. Also, if they attended A or B School in Lakehurst, and if they would like photo of their class, send us a request and we would attempt locate it and send it to them. We provided blank copies for the form to apply for membership in the National NWSA, provided the location on the Web for Facebook and NWSA. If have problems, we will assist.

We have been covering the cost for the search for OBITS of our former AG's and other weather types. We have had cut back on purchasing newspapers because of a very high increase in cost. Request each person to start looking in their newspapers for OBIT information and relay it to me. Or if they know of the passing of a weather type, get that information to us. This was very important recently with the passing of CDR RODNEY SALTS. He lived in Mississippi where there is few to no member being located. It was passed along to me and I was able to secure the information and it was passed along to the AEROGRAPH. Any information we receive helps.

Following a group photo, we secured the meeting and left while we had great weather. We did know of several that decided to evacuate early. Roads were already full on Wednesday and it only was going to get worse.

We would like to thank our host the Golden Corral for their great service. Other special guests were family members that joined us for a great dinner.

We adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by AGC Bob Johnson, SE FL Chapt. 2nd V.P.

Source: Aerograph May 2017 (Should have been due Aerograph Editor's omission)

We had a great dinner at the Golden Corral Orange Park on Friday, 28th of April. Following officer attending: AGCS Steve Turco (1st VP), AGC Bob and Charline Johnson (2nd VP), AGCS Frank and Jane Andrews (Sec/Trea), and AG1 Regina Perry with daughter (Liaison), members attending: AGCS Lloyd and Daisy Corbett, LCDR Eric and Loretta Gedult Von Jungenfeld, AGCS Barry Brockman and daughter, AGCM Joe McGar, USMC Jacob Eldred and guest, AGC Saluatore Magaddino, AGC Tina and Chris Sapp (returning to this area after extended stay in the Mid-West), AGC Alan Stratton, with daughter, Mr. Timothy and Ms.Tasha McGowens grand daughter of the Johnson and they are doing the photo work as part of a project. Our President, unable to attend, LT Todd McDonald is on the mid-watch tonight, still a working man.

We welcomed the first time member and returning members. AGENDA items are: Pointed out that I had copies of prior years tax returns (990es), SHIFT COLORS, AEROGRAPH (Special one printed in 1980), some old Christmas Cards, Discussed the information in the SHIFT COLORS: The Changes in the TRICARE and the need for everyone to complete the RETIREE CHECKLIST, What Survivors Should Know. We had a great deal of discuss on this information and that a copy should be placed with your important documents. 

I (Bob Johnson) sent in a personal GIFT MEMBERSHIP for AG1 Ian Jackson who is currently recovering from surgery. Recently the passing of CDR Gerry Struck, founding member of NWSA and NWSA SE Chapter, LCDR Bud Parham (Middleburg), and AG1 Rodney McElwaney (George). 

We had $75 in our petty cash after the Christmas Party and we sent in a 1/2 page add for the Reunion #43, in San Antonio and discussed the Reunion #44 in New Orleans. This left $35 in the Petty Cash.

We closed out meeting at 8:40 p.m. Great meeting 
Submitted by Bob Johnson, SE Chapt. 2nd VP 

Source:  Aerograph February 2017
The Naval Weather Service Association (NWSA) Southeast Chapter held their Annual Christmas Party/Meeting at the home of our President,  LT Todd and Cheryl McDonald and daughter. This was the 3rd year that we held our Christmas Party at the home of our President. Our President provided a great place for the party and most of the dinner and condiments.  It was the largest number of members and guest attending in over 5 years for our annual dinner/party.  

Officer Members attending: AGC Bob & Charline Johnson (2nd VP), AGCS Frank and Jane Andrews (Sect/Treasury), AGCS Steve & Cherry Turco (1st VP), and our newly appointed Liaison with Active Duty, AG1 Regina Perry with daughter Isabelle.  Other members attending were: Mrs. Virginia Morgan, LT Fred & Lita Bergman, AGCS Glen & Lita Barton, AGC Tim & Linda Kenelick (also Tim was our own Santa) (wins the longest distance traveled:  South Carolina), Mr. Eric & Mrs. Loretta Gedult, AG2 Gary & Sandy Burk, AGC Sal & Susan Maggadino, Mrs. Teresa McGowens, Mr. Tim McGowens, Ms. Tasha McGowens, Ms. Terri Greinke and daughter Arianna.

Our Agenda was passed out to each member and if they have any questions or comments, please forward them to NWSA SE CHAPTER and we will reply back within 30 days.  The main subject in the Agenda was THE FUTURE OF THE AG RATING AND WHAT IS THE NAVY PLANS. This Agenda was assigned to our Liaison, AG1 (A410) Regina Perry. She is currently stationed on Naval Station Mayport HSM Weapons School/METOC Support and 3 days before our Christmas Party, she became a resident of Florida with the purchase of her home in Jacksonville.  She provided information on the dropping of the term AG and they are now addressed only as PETTY OFFICER and the AG information is associated with the MOS. They said that this will allow AG’s to change to other fields with less problems.  The rating has become more of an INTELLIGENCE UNIT field. She also aided in putting AGCS Lloyd Corbett in contact with the Master Chief at CNATTU Keesler about setting up a tour of the facility at Keesler during the NWSA Reunion in 2018. Briefing was provided to our group and contacts were put into place for the Reunion to be held in New Orleans, LA in 2018.

Other Agenda items were: Appeal for members to make contact with other Weather Types that they know of and pass the information to our officers. Advised the members that if they would like a copy of our tax return (990ez), I had one with me tonight or if wish a copy, they can make a written request by e-mail. Advised members that the Reunion in 2017 would be held April in San Antonio, TX and if they need details, send request via e-mail.  We also provided Face Book information for SE Chapter and the NWSA National Office.  We passed out the information on the Chattahoochee Drifters Chapter will be placing Wreath’s at the grave sites of our Vets at the National Cemetery in Jacksonville FL. on the 17th and it is scheduled to start by noon.

Our door prize was won by Mrs. Jane Andrews, plus the 50/50 pot. Mrs. Andrews donated her half of the 50/50 ($35) back to the association.  It will be used to cover expenses during the 2017 year.

We would like give our thanks to the McDonalds for opening their home again this year and providing such a great dinner with all the trimmings.  We also thank our member for bringing some great POT LUCK dinners and treats to the table. 


AGC Bob Johnson, NWSA SE Chapter, 2nd VP