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NWSA Pensacola Chapter


President:                   Denny Maljevac

Secretary/Treasurer:  Paul Belt


Libby O'Brien - NWSA Secretary/Treasurer

Chapter News

Source: Aerograph November 2018

Denny and Helen Maljevec.  The Pensacola chapter held its quarterly meeting on September 21st at the Chicken Coop restaurant in Milton.  It is a family run business and the food and service were terrific.  Attending were Al and Helen Atwell, Bernie Bauer, Paul Belt, Dave and Jerrie Dunlap, Arthur and Rose Frazier, Elspeth Lloyd, Denny and Helen Maljevac, Ed and Gerrie Marsch, Pat and Libby O’Brien, Ken Overholt, and Ed and Patti StratenBarbara Overholt and the Warrenfeltz’s were out of town visiting friends.  It was also National POW/MIA Remembrance day.  Denny shared a brief story about his friend FN Duane Hodges from when they worked together at the Armed Forces Radio Station in Rota, Spain.  Denny recounted how happy Duane was when he had received orders to an (as yet unnamed) small ship on the West Coast.  Duane was excited because he’d be closer to his parents who lived in Creswell, Oregon.  Unfortunately, one day in early 1968, Denny heard on the news that the USS Pueblo (GER-2) had been attacked by North Korean gunboats and that one sailor was killed and the rest of the crew captured.  Duane was destroying classified documents when he was killed by a rocket.  He was posthumously promoted to DC3 and the “Bronze Star” was presented to his parents.  Sadly, in a short period of time we lost two of our members, Greene Hawks and Dick Tokryman.  Marion Hawks and Elizabeth Tokryman each expressed their sincere appreciation for the support provided by the chapter members including our presence at the Barrancas National Cemetery services and the flower baskets we provided.  At the close of our meeting Pat O’Brien said a prayer of remembrance for Greene and Dick.  Our chapter Christmas party will once again be hosted by, Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter.  They have graciously offered their house for this fun event and celebration of the season.

Pat and Libby O'Brien have had a very busy last few months.  In August, they began a trip north by attending the funeral of the last of Libby's Uncles in Opelika, Alabama.  Pat thinks they would do better without these types of family get together.  After spending Sunday night in Opelika, they headed north to Evansville, Indiana.  The plan was to spend a few days there visiting Libby's youngest daughter and family before heading to the Recruit Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois, to attend Libby's grandson Cole’s graduate from boot camp.  The young man wanted to become an AG, but his recruiter told him it wasn't possible, and he'd have to choose another rating.  It looks as if he's going to be an Operational Specialist - OS.  Shortly after arriving in Evansville, Pat and Libby were told Cole was hospitalized, and he wouldn't be graduating on Friday as expected.  Pat thought about heading back home to wait for word on Cole's new graduation date.  Libby had another plan that involved visiting her oldest grandson in Indianapolis for a few days and then her granddaughter in Dayton, Ohio.  Well, that suggestion blew Pat's plan of returning home right out of the water.  While in Dayton they found out Cole would be graduating one week later than originally planned.  Pat breathed a sigh of relief as he had no idea where Libby would have them go next if they had more time to kill.  Anyway, they finally got to Great Lakes, and Libby got to see Cole graduate.  Following graduation, they spent the weekend with the new “swabbie”, his mom, dad, and girlfriend enjoying the sights of Chicago.  After travelling 2,107 miles we rolled back into home (Cantonment, FL) for three weeks of R & R before heading to Philadelphia to attend the USS Nimitz Association Reunion at the Navy Yard Complex.  The Navy Yard is home to the Navy's Mothball Fleet, but the complex has more civilian offices than Navy offices.  We traveled to Philadelphia up and back on the western side of the Appalachians to avoid any problems that might be caused by Hurricane Florence.  This was a brilliant move on Pat’s part as Florence was wreaking havoc across the Carolina’s!  The reunion was a success, but the hospitality room was not big enough.  It was wall to wall people at times.  The O'Brien's got to enjoy the company of Jim and Joan Futtner, and they were very grateful for that.  Joan has had some serious health issues, and she and Jim have had to cut back on a lot of their travels.  At the reunion, Jim and Pat would enjoy a morning walk around the complex, and one morning they happened upon the USS John F. Kennedy.  Of course, they didn't know it was the Kennedy because there was no name or numbers on it.  They finally found someone who knew it was the Kennedy.  It's a part of a much smaller mothball fleet than the one Pat remembers from the 60's 2,526 miles later we rolled back into Cantonment.  The O'Brien's next outing will be spending a week at their time share in Orange Beach, Alabama, in November.  Prior to that, Pat is having cataract surgery on his left eye.  He complains he can't see his golf ball after he hits it, so he's hoping the surgery will help correct that.  Pat forgot to mention that his doctor told him if he wanted to see his golf ball, not to hit it so far!  The O'Brien's continue to be blessed with good health and are very thankful for their many blessings.


Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter began July with Cheryl having her right knee replaced.  After three months she is doing well but still working on her mobility.  In August we spent a week in San Diego meeting my newest grandson, Alex, and spending time with my son, AGC Scott Belt and his wife Simona, prior to Scott’s deployment to Iraq in September.  Below Paul, Alex, and Scott share a happy moment together.
Paul’s long planned October and November three week golfing vacation in Scottsdale, AZ, Las Vegas and southern California has been derailed due to another bout with melanoma cancer on his left shoulder blade.   This trip has been rescheduled to next spring.

Arthur and Rose Frazier had a very busy summer and it looks like fall will be more of the same, but less fun.  Rose was involved in an auto accident in August and is under pain management and physical therapy for injuries to her back.  Arthur is seeing a dermatologist for skin cancer.  Fall is also a very busy time at their church, with the Pumpkin Patch, Operation Christmas Child Shoebox ministry, which Rose heads up, and preparing for another two week cruise in December.  We’re heading to the Panama Canal, South & Central America, and southern Caribbean.  They have both continued to lose weight and both are very close to their goals.  Their son, Tim, is doing well in his Junior year at F.I.T.


Ed and Patti Straten in August went to Biloxi for The Golden Boys Show, Bobby Rydell, Fabian and Frankie Avalon.  The show was wonderful and reminded Patti of the day she appeared on American Bandstand at age 13!  From September 29 through October 2nd we ventured to Las Vegas, stayed at the Excalibur and saw the Tournament of Kings show.  Vegas is always fun, people watching in all those beautiful hotels and casinos, great food and the wonderful RIRA Irish Bar.  In November they’ll fly to San Juan and cruise to St. Croix, St. Maarten, Dominica, Barbados, Grenada, and back to San Juan on the Celebrity Summit.  After taking a breath for the holidays, they will start the New Year off right!   With a planned cruise to Grand Caymans, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire on the Celebrity Silhouette.


Bob Jaques was appointed by Kay Ivey, the Governor of Alabama to serve on the USS Alabama (BB-60) Battleship commission for a four year term.  The commissioners are tasked with maintaining and equipping this Historic National Alabama Landmark as a permanent public memorial; they also assist the staff with managing and marketing the Park.  On behalf of the NWSA Pensacola Chapter Congratulations Bob!


Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz traveled to the Outer Banks of NC for their annual beach vacation with Nancy’s family. Our five grandkids were half of the newest generation to enjoy the Outer Banks Beach Club.

“Pajama party with the grandkids at the Outer Banks Beach Club”


In July, they left the Florida heat to enjoy a week with daughter Lindsay, husband Nate, and family in the Seattle suburb of Bothell. Interestingly, the NWS issued an “excessive heat warning” for Seattle while they were there. Temperature was 87F. “Feels like” temperature was 87F. That would be a cold July afternoon in Pensacola!

Pensacola dodged the bullet of Hurricane Michael. (I suppose it would be more accurate to say that the bullet dodged us.) Panama City Beach and areas east were not so lucky. Larry was scheduled to umpire a college fall softball scrimmage between Gulf Coast College and national champion Florida State in Panama City two days after landfall. Needless to say … that game was cancelled.

Submitted by Paul Belt, Sec/Treas.

Source: Aerograph August 2018

The Pensacola NWSA chapter completed this quarter with a luncheon at a locally owned Italian restaurant called Franco’s.  The food was fantastic and chapter turn-out was very good.

Pat & Libby O'Brien continue to travel here, there, and everywhere.  At least that's what Pat says.  They had an unplanned trip to Virginia Beach in March as Pat's first wife, Diane, passed away unexpectedly.  In April they co-hosted the NWSA Reunion in New Orleans.  Everyone seemed to have had a good time.  The first of May, they headed back to Virginia to attend the college graduation of Pat's grandson, Sean, from James Madison University.  Later in May, they traveled to Evansville, Indiana to attend the high school graduation of Libby's grandson Cole and spend a few days with her daughter and family before Cole left for Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes.  When they left Evansville they headed for Lacrosse, Wisconsin to watch Pat's granddaughter, Caroline, participate in the NCAA Division III Track and Field Championships.  Caroline chose to race in Wisconsin rather than walk and receive her diploma from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. While in Wisconsin, Pat and Libby were able to knock off two more of their states playing golf!  They were able to play in Minnesota and Iowa. Their goal is to play golf in every state.  Although Pat is from Baltimore, he said he was much happier with her decision to go to Wisconsin.  Every time Pat thinks of going back to visit Baltimore he remembers Nancy Pelosi is also from Baltimore and he cringes. Pat and Libby's next trip was back to Virginia Beach.  This time it was to see Pat's granddaughter, Maddie, graduate from high school.  It also allowed Pat to spend Father's Day with his youngest son, Sean. Those last two trips totaled 4,600 road miles, and the O'Brien's were ready to stay home for a while. 

Over the 4th of July, Pat's oldest son, Patrick, came to visit, and Libby's grandson and granddaughter and families from Indiana came to town with Libby's newest great grandbabies.  It was a busy week!  The O'Brien's next trip will be in August to Great Lakes to see Cole graduate from boot camp.  

When Pat and Libby heard Dick Tokryman was in the hospital they were able to see him before he passed away.  It was very hard for Dick to talk, but he did say to Pat, "We go back a long way.”  Dick and Pat were instructors at Lakehurst, N.J., in the early 70's.  Pat has fond memories of Lakehurst and those with whom he was stationed.

Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter enjoyed a nine day organized tour of Costa Rica with another couple in February.  In April, Paul’s youngest son, AGC Scott Belt and wife Simona celebrated their first son (Alex), and Paul’s fourth grandchild.  A trip to see Alex is planned for August.  In May, Paul made his annual journey to Glenwood, Iowa to hunt and find “morel” mushrooms.  This is a throwback to Paul’s childhood whereby the family would find these precious mushrooms in the older timber stands of southwest Iowa.  This delicacy is cleaned, rolled in flour and then deep fried is butter, they taste awesome!

Arthur and Rose Frazier have been very busy first half of 2018.   Arthur and Rose celebrated her mother's (Irma Gastel) 89th birthday in January and regrettably she went home to the Lord on April 16th.  They held two funerals, one in Milton and the other in Orlando.  She was buried in the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida with her husband.  They have also made a number of trips in and out of the country.  In February, a weeklong cruise with friends to the Caribbean from New Orleans.  In 2018 Rose and Arthur have continued pursuing their weight loss journey, Rose is down 70 pounds and Arthur is down 42.  In early April we travelled to Punta Gorda, Florida where Arthur was recognized as the “State of Florida Winner” for CY17 in his division for T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)!  In May, their son, Timothy, came home from Florida Institute of Technology for a well-deserved summer break.   In mid-May they enjoyed a family trip through Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, and Germany.  In July, Rose was crowned Queen of her Red Hatters group; which was followed by a trip to Arkansas to visit family and surprise their grandsons. In August they are going on another cruise out of Mobile for their anniversary.  We just can't get enough of the sea!

Ed and Patti Straten had an amazing time at the NOLA Reunion in April.  Here is a photo of Ed joining the Bourbon Street Parade one fine afternoon.
Their granddaughter, Caitria, graduated FSU.  Patti, daughter Kim and Caitria celebrated with a trip to Iceland and Ireland.  Here is a photo from the famous Blue Lagoon in Keflavik.

Source: Aerograph February 2018

The Pensacola NWSA chapter completed this quarter’s festivities with fellowship and Christmas celebrations at Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter’s house to close out 2017.

Pat & Libby O'Brien hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and wish each and every one a Happy and Healthy 2018.  We continue to stay as active as old age will allow us.  We’re working with Gary Cox getting everything ready for NWSA’s 44th Reunion.  On 11 January, the O’Brien’s went to New Orleans to finalize reunion arrangements at the Holiday Inn.  The meeting went well, and all is in order for “44”.  Following the meeting they enjoyed a few trolley rides around town so they could the tell attendees what to expect in April.   However, the biggest thing we need from membership at this point is to please consider submitting your reunion attendance intentions as soon as possible.

In other exciting news, after leaving New Orleans, they traveled to Slidell, LA, to attend the change of command and retirement ceremony of Capt. Greg Ireton.  Capt. Ireton turned over the reins of NAVOCEANO and retired with 40 years of naval service.  Pat knew him when he was an airman at Fleet Weather Central Norfolk in the late 70's and hadn't seen him since.  It was a nice reunion.  It is also nice to report that Capt. Ireton is now a member of the Naval Weather Service Association.

Pat reached the 3-quarter of a century mark in October, and he's still chasing those little white/yellow 

golf balls around courses  in southern Florida and Alabama.  He says his golf game is not improving, but it's great to be outdoors enjoying the game with good friends.  For those of you who were here in Pensacola at the 2014 Reunion and attended the Blue Wahoo’s baseball game, Pat says the team won the 2017 double-A title.  Wahoo!!!!!   The O'Brien's continue to be Blue Wahoo's season ticket holders along with Bernie Bauer.  Speaking of Bernie, he broke 4 ribs in a falling accident at his house in December.  Ouch!  Here's hoping he's doing better now.  Bernie and the O’Brien’s are also season ticket holders for the Pensacola Ice Flyers Hockey team.  The O’Brien’s traveled north to Evansville, IN, over Christmas to visit with Libby’s youngest daughter and family.  Libby was extremely excited to see her two latest great grandchildren and snow.  Pat said he could have done without the latter, and thanked God it was just a dusting of the white stuff.  When they returned to Florida, the day after Christmas, the cold weather followed them south.  The first week of the New Year was windy and cold, and it reminded Pat of winter up in Rantoul, IL, back in 1983/84 minus the snow.  Brrr!  Pat heard from Jim Futtner via e-mail on 4 January, and Jim reported Hartford received between 10 and 20 inches of snow, and he had snow blown his walkway and driveway twice with a third time coming up that evening.  He also reported that Joan had a bout of pneumonia in December.  Jim feels he and Joan will not be able to make reunion 44.  They will be missed!  To counter the cold and enjoy some global warming, the O’Brien’s will embark on a 10-day cruise to the Panama Canal in March.  One month later they'll be in New Orleans to “Let the Good Times Roll”.  They hope to see ya'll there.

Larry and Nancy Warrenfeltz traveled to Kentucky for their nephew’s wedding in October. Hurricane Nate made landfall on the Gulf Coast on the morning of the ceremony and trucked northward so quickly that it made its presence felt in northern KY with steady rain by early afternoon.

Later in October, Larry and Nancy enjoyed a trip to Hawaii for an informal reunion with friends from postgraduate school in Monterey. Charlie and Ty Aldinger (retired from the Navy on Oahu) planned a great get-together of Navy 1800s and NOAA Corps officers who were at NPS in the late 1970s. Rebecca and Don Roman, Sally and Bill Little, Sue and Mario Runco, Gail and Scott Sandgathe, Pat Phoebus (NRL Monterey) and her friend Randy, Becky and Don Nestor (helo pilot and oceanography major), B.J. and Jerry Mills (NOAA), Leslie and Don Dreves (NOAA), and Sharon Yeager (widow of Dave—NOAA) all gathered at the Hale Koa in Honolulu for relaxation, sea stories, and reconnecting with old friends.  Naturally, with all those weather people coming together in one place, Honolulu had its most severe thunderstorm in more than ten years during the welcome dinner.
“Old Navy and NOAA folks on the USS Missouri Surrender Deck”

Returning to the mainland, Larry and Nancy capped off 2017 with trips to North Carolina over Veterans Day weekend to cheer on their son in the OBX Marathon, and then to WV, MD, and PA for Christmas. After Christmas, they decided to take in the Military Bowl in Annapolis, in which Navy stomped Virginia 49-7. It was the beginning of the historic cold snap in the east. The high in Annapolis that day was 25F. Cold, cold, cold ! … Especially for people who’ve spent the last 23 years in the Gulf South!

Ed and Patti Straten would like to extend their best wishes to the Aerographer community this holiday season.  Christmas was great to Patti and Ed.  Old St. Nick provided them with the greatest gift of all – Family.

They were visited by son Craig and daughter in law Melissa and grandchildren Jordyn and Ryan from NH, their grandson Dominic from Maryland and granddaughter Caitria home from FSU on Christmas break plus their local family, daughter Kim and son in law John.  New Year’s was ushered in with family, friends, good food, and plenty of toasts for a happy 2018.  Patti traveled back to NH after the New Year to say good bye to her beloved Auntie May.  Patti managed to arrive in NH in time for the bombastic cyclogenesis (nor’easter) with freezing temperature and massive amounts of snow.  They are preparing for 7-day cruise to the Caribbean this February to shake off the cold by visiting the Bahamas, St. Thomas and Punta Cana. 

Ken and Barbara Overholt this past July traveled in California in their motorhome to attend Ken's mother's 100th birthday.  They enjoyed several days in Los Cruces, New Mexico, both coming and going, visiting Barbara's cousin who had just retired there.  Her cousin showed us the sights in and around Los Cruces.  Additionally, we had the pleasure of seeing a Road Runner up close as it came up to the window.  We never did see Wylie Coyote, though we kept looking.  We arrived in California a few days before mom's birthday. Mom did not want anyone to celebrate or call attention to her birthday, not that she was trying to keep it a secret but did not want the attention that it would afford. So for the next week there were several celebrations for her to attend.  The family had a large celebration on a Saturday, a full meal with about 100 individuals present, and the celebration included the Mayor of Brea presenting her a certificate for having reached this milestone, with many kind words for her volunteer work for the city of Brea.  Needless to say mom was pleased even though she did not want the praise.  While there we visited Ken's father's grave in the National Cemetery at Riverside.  We were able to park our RV at a park just outside the gates of Disneyland, so every night at 9:30 we watched fireworks from the comfort of our motor home. 

After all the celebrations we took a leisurely trip home. The rest of summer found us doing our volunteer work, enabling us to keep busy and to stay out of trouble. The hurricanes kept us alert but did not affect the Pensacola area.

Pat and Libby O'Brien are working with Gary Cox to set up NWSA Reunion 44 in New Orleans.   Pat and Libby have made several trips to New Orleans to find a suitable hotel; to arrange for the welcome aboard gathering, banquet and hospitality room; and to discuss arrangements for those participants who will be touring the World War II Museum.  They're hoping for a great turnout in this fun city.  

The O'Briens also made a couple of other memorable trips.   They flew to Germany to see one of Libby's grandsons and his family.   Her grandson is stationed in the Army there.   They had a wonderful time touring and seeing the sights.

In September, they departed on what would be a 3600 mile automobile trip that included a one-week stop in Norfolk for the CVN 68 Nimitz Association Reunion and to see Pat's youngest son and family, a 4-day visit with his daughter and her family in Niantic and Simsbury, Ct.  The O'Briens were very happy to see Jim and Joan Futtner at the Nimitz Reunion and again at their home in East Hartford, Ct.  Jim and Joan treated them to lunch at a New York Style Jewish Deli which was a first for Pat and Libby.

After leaving Connecticut, they traveled to Indianapolis to attend a baby shower for Libby's oldest grandson's wife.  Following the shower, they headed to Evansville, IN to spend a few days with Libby's youngest daughter and her family.  While there Libby got to see her newest great grandchild for the first time.  From Evansville, the O'Briens traveled home and got there in time to attend the local NWSA Chapter Luncheon.  In between the trip to Germany and the above mentioned auto expedition, Pat had to have a stent put in his right coronary artery.  That makes three.  The other two were inserted back in 2007 in his left descending artery. Pat feels very lucky to still be here enjoying life. 

In early October, Libby left for a week in Las Vegas with her oldest daughter and three other women.  When asked what he was going to do while she was gone, Pat said, "Smile a lot."  At the end of October, he'll leave on his annual 3-day guys only golf outing.  When that ends, Libby will pick him up, and they will proceed to Leesville, LA, to attend a birthday party for Libby's sister-in-law.  Come November, they'll spend a week at their time share in Orange Beach, AL.

Paul Belt and Cheryl Alter began the last quarter of 2017 with an 18 day vacation in Europe.  First stop was in Edinburgh, Scotland.   We enjoyed a few beers at the famous “Last Drop” bar, if you look closely at the below photo, the bar gets its name from the last hanging that took place in the town square in 1963.
With Paul being at avid golfer, he is in Golf Heaven outside the St Andrews Links Pro Shop at the old course.
The trip continued with a quick flight to Amsterdam where we embarked onboard the Viking long river boat “Eir”, we enjoyed eight days and seven nights of sailing down the Rhine River between Germany and France where it ended in Basel, Switzerland.   There were many spectacular views of historic castles and cities.  It was amazing.  One memorable stop was in Cologne, Germany where Paul and one of our travel friends climbed to the top of the left church spire in the background of this photo, 533 steps to the viewing level:

After spending two days in Lucerne, Switzerland we hopped onboard a high speed rail ride to Paris, France.   The trip concluded with dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. It was a spectacular celebration of Paul’s 69th birthday.

Bob Jaques on recent visit to an antique mall in northern Alabama found this interesting document, this should bring back to memories for the saltier retired AG’s: