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President             Fay Crossley

Vice President     Frank Muscari
Treasurer             Bob Daigle
Secretary             Fay Crossley
Social Coord.      Dennis Pauly
CMAA                   Frank Muscari 



Chapter News

Source: Aerograph November 2020

Well the Virus has, once again, disrupted the HRC meeting plans.  We will have a meeting in January if there is still a country and a place to have a meeting continues to exist.   We are also hoping to have an informal gathering in December just to make sure we still have money in the bank, and Navy folks are doing well.  More information will be forthcoming on these plans.

We were thrilled to hear the news from Kathi Clark that her new kidney is working well.  Continued well wished and thoughts and prayers can’t hurt.  

Dan Lee and family ventured out to Wakefield for lunch at the Virginia Diner, (it was showcased on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Dessert was at the Crossley homestead. Fay missed all the fun, was in NY visiting brother.


The Crossley’s had lunch with the Daigle’s Bob didn’t treat. Bob says, the food pantry where he volunteers each Tuesday, is doing well, thanks in part, to the VA Food Bank.


The Pauly’s and family spent 4 days cruising around the Smith Mountain Lake in VA. It was a self-guided trip on a house boat, so Dennis had to be skipper. Dennis is an Ex-AG and his father-in-law is a retired chief, so the folks on board were in good hands. No fish though, bummer.

 The Pauly’s had quite the adventure as shared by Dennis in the following:

 “As it turns out, Susan and I just returned from 3 days on Smith Mountain Lake, where we took a 4 day cruise on a 53 ft. houseboat. Susan's mom had expressed a 'bucket list' interest in doing such, so granddaughter Emma went on line and hooked us up. 

Our crew was Susan's mom and dad, her brother & his wife, and us. We cruised from the dam at one end to probably within 10 miles of the opposite end (lake is 40 miles long; 500 miles of shoreline.) At night, we found a cove or small island to beach on. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Who would have guessed the end of October in the mountains and it would get 80 degrees during the day; mid 50's at night . . 

We fished a little; but didn't catch anything (though neither did anyone else we talked with.) (Gotta think the Stripers will be getting active soon, though.) Susan and sister-in-law Trudy made sure to check out the slide that went from the upper deck down off the 'fantail'. Water was mid 60's.

So we did a lot of eating, and I, once my Skipper duties ended each day and the boat was securely moored/anchored; along with Susan's dad - a retired Navy Chief - made sure to get our welldeserved ration(s) of grog. (The rest of them aren't REAL sailors, obviously.) 

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We might even do it again someday.” 

I think Joan Akers is our oldest member, she will be 88 in November. I also think that Joan is the only person in our group that is a Great Great Grandma. Remember the good old days when Ralph Wright and Floyd Akers would spar about being the oldest members in HRC, what great fun they both were. Our group is holding together pretty well. No virus dares infect HRC, we do have some health issues scattered among us, and we all are suffering from that ticking clock thing. I wonder if LaRue Wright is near Joan’s age, would be great to see her and Joan take up where their husbands left off.


Bob Wright, living in Eastern TN, has been dealing with the virus by staying home. Excitement for the summer was dog ripped lining of pool trying to get out. One good thing, he is saving lots of money so bought a new car, thinks he might have enough miles in it to get oil changed NEXT year.

Daniel Gray (Grandson of Vern Gray AGCS ret and Darcy Gray) on his way to California having gone through boot camp and transportation school.

Have received a nice letter from LCDR Hook, the METOC officer on the USS Bonhomme Richard (“the new one” – where the fire was and it seems was close to the weather shack). Attempting to shorten a long story, called for hotel reservations and talked with this nice lady, who told me about her Navy Daughter, after some talk, learned that she was a Meteorologist. Then the fun started. Took “mom” a letter to send to her daughter and got the nice letter in return. LCDR Hook (one of these days hopes to be “CAPT HOOK” ), hopes to be transferred to Norfolk and be a Warfare Tactics instructor in Norfolk. We will keep LCDR Hook on our listings and look forward to meeting her at an HRC gathering.


Old Business (is getting very old)

…..A. Binnacle List and For The Good Of The order

…..B.. #46 reunion, 2021 MAYBE

…..E. Dismal Swam Tour

New Business

…..A. need an audit

…..B. Possible redo of Bi-Laws fix minor errors and perhaps rewrite HRC liquidation


Respectfully submitted:



Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

Source: HRC Secretary August 2020


The Corona Virus and all the hubbub and hype has sent our world and our little corner of it, into a tail spin.  We are so vulnerable to such panic and fear, there is far more coming at us.  We pray to God there is a change for the better, and fix all these woes. Our membership is doing what they feel is right for them and right for the community, which is fantastic. GO HRC. 


We came fairly close to having a meeting on 7/16 Thursday, it was felt, the few folks that were planning on attending didn’t justify the possibility of endangering them or others.  The folks at our venue, Gus and Georges, were “sad” but understanding about our decision.  Once the climate changes we will start the process of having a Spring, Summer and Fall meeting.  Our party planner Mr. Pauly will do his usual fantastic job.   


Binnacle List and Good Of The Order stuff…

John Stroade Shay…..Was great to track down John, and talk with him.  Thanks to Pat O’Brien and Bernie Bauer for all the help.  John’s address is Homestead Village 7830 Pine Forest Rd. D-11, Pensacola, FL. 32526.  John sounds happy and is coping well.

Bob and Carol Daigle…..Have been busy with lots going on.  Summer means pool work, Weddings in Florida, lots of work at Food Pantry.  Both are doing well and getting to the gym now and then.

Fay and Donna Crossley…..Donna is dealing with some health issues, back problems, kidney cysts problems, and of course aging.  Then Fay doesn’t have such problems, works now and then at the Antique Mall, busy with the yard.  ((Fay has not heard back at all from AG2 ex Bryan Smith about books.))

Chuck and Louise Steinbruck…..Chuck continues to have treatments, and is thrilled to be on the downward count for them as well as the number per visit has also been reduced.  He is doing well and in good spirits.  Louise is doing good as they found the proper drug to help her, but there are some side effects. They are suffering from Cage Fever though. 

Kathi Clark…..Is doing well, she is at the top of the kidney replacement list, but difficulties remain.  Seems that once a person has had blood transfusions, matches are more difficult, she is SO upbeat.  She told about Rachele Dunn getting numerous awards and was going to Belgium for more studies and such, but the virus stopped that trip. You may remember Rachele as we have tried to help her in her Meteorological career, Her grandparents Bud and Bev Scott surely are proud, as they look down.  

Pat Scott…..Is doing well after the kidney donation, She sent out some pictures from our 2014 Picnic at the Chubb’s old homestead, was our biggest meeting ever 48 attended.

Dennis and Susan Pauly…..are doing well, keeping safe and getting some things done.  They even took grandkids to the lake for fun and games.  Dennis, the social coordinator, is thinking IF the restrictions ever lift we might be having a meeting in Williamston NC.  Am sure they are busy with the horse ranch.

Dan and Carmen Lee…..Dan has been dealing with a lot of health issues, much dealing with the heart. He is in pretty good spirits and is getting around, was at commissary and waved at Jack Salvato who was on the phone.  He is having an 80th birthday party on his birthday.  Happy Birthday Dan.  Carmen is always busy with her Shaklee and is doing well.

Joan Akers…..Joan IS JOAN….doing well and giving kids grief!!!! Neighbors are being very helpful and she appreciates them so much.  Tree broke and they cleaned up the mess, they help with food, one guy makes the best soup.  She MIGHT have a dog one of these days, if the kids allow it. 

Jack Salvato… doing okay.  His daughter has gotten a promotion so is home even less these days.  Jack says he had to be careful, isn’t the same 40 year old he use to be.

Steve and Sylvia Shafer…..Steve had a run in with Corona, doesn’t have it but got tested and the test had given him a nose bleed from hell.  Sylvia is STILL awaiting knee fixes.  Steve’s nose finally settled down after two trips to the ER.  They always are on the bright side and look forward to getting back to church  7/26.   

Frank and Eve Muscari…..Frank has a neat system for screening calls, am sure it helps rid them of the telemarketers. They are both doing well.  Frank is reading a lot, all about Stonewall Jackson.  Eve is doing church stuff.  Frank is cleaning up a boat to donate to Wounded Worriers….way to go Frank.

John and Ive Chubb…..They are doing fine.  They have limited their activities at church and at thrift store supporting abused children.  Nice vacation to Washington State to visit family, they enjoyed much of the state from beach to mountains. (See picture)

Ed and Ruth Nelson…..Ed says they are still “steaming”.  They aren’t traveling as much as would like, but the benefactor is the yard.  Ed enjoys take the dog for morning walk. Ruth’s mom heads to Virginia in Nov and back to Maine in April.  But has remained in Virginia this year due to virus concerns. Ed gets to the links often but just for 9 holes.  They send their best to everyone.

Frank and Bonnie Terrizzi…..They are doing great, being safe and careful. They don’t leave their mountain top sanctuary often.  Some shopping and take their boat to a nearby lake for some relaxing.  The spring was rough on their gardens following by too much rain then not enough and the awful heat.  They have ventured to Michigan where their son lives and works, to visit him.  George is a super guy.

Bobbie and Tammie Steiner…..expect they are off doing lots of stuff with the family.  Haven’t heard from them in some time. His FB stuff is always interesting and fun and recent so expect they are doing well.

LaRue Wright…..Is doing well talked with her sister and she assures me that LaRue is fine and no black and blues.

Bob Wright……No notes from Bob lately and he usually sends a note about how far HRC is from him.  He has a lot of stuff on FB so guess he is okay.

Mel and Marty Harder…..NO NEWS from Mel, have no phone number for him and rare for him to answer email don’t think he does FB.  Call Mel!!!!


We have thoughts and prayers the rest of the Naval Weather Service Association is doing well and staying safe. 


Respectfully submitted:


Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

Thanks Pat Scott for the memories ((2014 HRC Picnic at the CHUBB estate

On the Chesapeake Bay, they now live in SC.)).

John and Ive Chubb on Washington State beach this year.  Coast to Coast life. NICE
Source: Aerograph May 2020

The Hampton Roads Chapter of the NWSA was saddened when we had to postpone/cancel our April 15 gathering.  We held out as long as we could, but finally our Social Coordinator threw in the towel.  Rest of the officers agreed to the move.  So, HRC is looking for the first opportunity to have a makeup Spring meeting or have a Spring/Summer meeting as soon as the restrictions are lifted and our selected venue is up and running again.  WE were also deeply saddened when Mr. Romano was required to cancel NWSA reunion #46.  There may be a silver lining though, perhaps more of HRC members will try to attend when it is rescheduled, hoping that Savannah will be the venue again.

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone while we cope with this Corona Virus thing.  The scary part is the “forecasts” of when peak will happen and when we can really get back to work.  Some say we will NEVER get back to “normal”.  Haven’t we gone through this stuff in the past.  Forecasts range from May 1 to August 15 and then there is that difficult model saying summer of 2022.  There is no strolling along the cement boardwalk in Virginia Beach, no crab picking on the Eastern Shore.  The oysters will sure get a reprieve.  Virginia Diner is closed, am having fried chicken withdrawal. The Navy seldom gets to Wakefield for touch and goes so it is REALLY quiet here.  Can only imagine what Virginia Beach is like with no jet noise, the silence must be deafening. 


Was funny when one “prognosticator” said;  “the models are only as good as the data we put in them”.  AH - makes me feel good about what have always said about weather models. Oh well, that is another store for another time. 

Over the past few weeks, HRC has checked on our group and post the following so our NWSA shipmates can see that we are all in various degrees of OKAYness.  ( according to Wiktionary YES, it is a word….the state or condition of being okay….like adequateness)


Binnacle List and Good for the Order

...Frank and Bonnie Terrizzi are doing fine.  No virus there, and only that “old” thing to deal with.  Except few days ago Frank came dangerously close to shooting someone, was a prowler at their bedroom window.  Sheriff said town drunk.  They enjoyed celebrating their 36th anniversary Easter. 

John and Ive Chubb are doing well.  They are keeping at home as much as possible, do go out for groceries and take out the trash.  They are busy with yard work and house work.  Doing some reading and keeping the TV going.  Their neighborhood has some folks testing positive and one death. 

Bob and Carol Daigle are doing “fine”.  They too are sticking close to the house, but puttering away with yard work.  Bob loves to work at the food pantry so that takes up some of his time.  They are making up handout bags for the clients.  Seems to be more work for the volunteers, plus the number of clients has increased over the past few weeks. 

...Dennis and Susan Pauly….Are coping well and laying low.  They have lots going on around the ranch to keep them busy.  The “famous” deck nears completion.  Horses are doing fine.  Susan thought they should try a “juicing” program, guess you grind up a lot of veggies for a healthy drink.  They got TexMex after 3 days.  Susan let Dennis buy a new truck.  

…Joan Akers….is Joan….she is always doing good.  Although she is bored, she does a lot of reading and watching movies.  Doesn’t have a dog yet. Daughter Sharron still hasn’t had her operation to get rid of pain.  Joan is biting at the bit to get going somewhere, anywhere. 

…LaRue Wright….Was good talking with LaRue.  She sounded happy and upbeat.  She is feeling well and all the bumps and all are a thing of the past, after her fall a few weeks ago and a few days in the hospital  She was keeping pretty much inside all the time doesn’t want to catch the virus.  She said the sister Dolores was doing well.  Daughter Denise is very helpful.

…Kathi Clark….is doing well. She had been sick but not with “the” virus but something else, so got into the habit of staying in her apt.  She was making up 15 plates for Dinner and delivering them to her neighbors when I called.  She is hoping to get a dog soon for company.  She said that Pat (sister) was doing well.

…Steve and Sylvia Shafer….Steve, man of few words…..”doing fine”.  We hope they are coping well.  We send thoughts and prayers to Sylvia always as she continues to wait for her knee(s) to get fixed.  They “say” that is an elective operation, hard to believe.

…Capt. Chuck and Louise Steinbruck…are okay and send greetings to old sailors and landlubbers.  They are having some stir crazy issues.  We are thankful that the doctors have come up with a pill to help Louise deal with her severe pains even though they have no idea what it is.  The good Capt., has talked the doctors into starting radiation in a week or so.

…Jack Salvato… doing okay, very careful about venturing out, does get the mail.  Daughter Lisa is doing the shopping.  Lisa is working a lot at the garden center at Little Creek.  Guess they are doing a booming business, so if you go there for mulch or something ask for Lisa.

…Frank and Eve Muscari…are great.  Frank’s sister had a difficult time with going to the hospital.  Elderly and was having difficult time standing.  Once in hospital, they wouldn’t let her out, nor husband in…had to get a lawyer eventually. Frank and Eve are busy with helping where they can though the church and watching out for neighbors.  Frank’s neighbor had a tree fall on their car, hope missed their house. Frank said wasn’t far from their place.

…Mel and Marty Harder….Are keeping the virus away and doing fairly well health-wise.  He says they are getting little slower because of age, hard to believe Mel has always been a hard charger. Hey are starting to think about down-sizing, big undertaking am sure they have a big house full of Ink Wells, Insulators and dolls.

…Ed and Ruth Nelson…..Ed has finally retired, guess managing the Wine Shop at Trader Joe’s got overly exciting.  Will be great to perhaps see these great folks at a HRC meeting if we get to have one sooner than later.

…Dan and Carmen Lee….are doing well, no storm damage at their house.  Dan too, has had to put on hold “elective” operation.  But he is feeling okay and keeping out of trouble. Carmen is doing well and busy, does she even slow down.  They are sticking close to home and going out when have a need. Daughter Pam was there and sounded well and happy. 

…Fay and Donna Crossley….Spring yard work was completed a month ahead of schedule.  We are doing okay.  Trips to Commissary, Walmart, Lowes as needed.  Donna has apt., 4/20 to get advice about MRI of upper spine. Hope there is a fix. The mall has been closed but Fay goes over once a week to work on booth to get it ready IF ever opens back up.

…Bob Wright…..Is doing fine.  He is on Facebook often and lately comparing himself to the likes of Tom Cruise and Elvis.  Bob is hunkered down near Knoxville, TN, and enjoying the R&R. 

…The Steiners:…..haven't heard from Bob in a few weeks, last time talked with him they were fine.  Hope all is well Bob and Tammie, they are always busy with family which are all over the place.


Hope that everyone is doing well in the NWSA community.  Thoughts and Prayers are with everyone. 


 Respectfully submitted:


Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

Source: Aerograph February 2020

Minutes of the Winter Meeting


The Winter Fling for HRC was held on Thursday 1/9/2020.  We wanted to try a meeting during the week to see how it would work out.


The venue was at RIB CITY in Virginia Beach., VA.  As you might guess there was no Egg Rolls on the menu.  Our Waitress Kellie, was great, food was great and all went well. 

In attendance:  (22) Steve and Sylvia Shafer (little late), Capt. Chuck and Louise Steinbruck, Joan Akers and daughter Sharron, LaRue Wright and her companion Clair, Jack Salvato (daughter Lisa was busy), Frank Muscari (wife Eve was at Church and couldn’t make meeting), Pat Scott, Kathi Clark, Leslie Dunn, Rachel Dunn. Dan and Carmen Lee, Bob and Carol Daigle, Fay and Donna Crossley and Dennis and Susan Pauly.  

REGRETS received from:

...Bob Steiner and Tammie

You may recall the name Rachel Dunn, expect it will be a name to remember in the future.  Very big things are going to happen with this amazing lady.  You might recall back in 2012 HRC had Rachel as a guest.  She is the Granddaughter of our great members Bud and Bev Scott, both passed away long ago.  She came to us from HS wanting to be a Meteorologist.  We set up meetings at the NWS Wakefield Office and introduced her to a wide variety of careers, from doctors and Meteorologists to Mrs. VA. Well, Rachel has gone to many schools and gotten some impressive degrees and credentials.  She continues her education in New York State (Hudson Valley) and though weather is a passion there was talk of working in DC at the State Deportment.  All the best to Rachel, we always want to help. 

The meeting was call to order by President Fay Crossley at 330.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the CMAA Frank Muscari, followed by a blessing given by Capt. Chuck Steinbruck.   The 50/50 was won by Joan Akers in the amount of $42.00.  Joan immediately returned the money to the treasurer as a donation to help pay for the Reunion AD cost. THANKS JOAN.   


The Secretary report was accepted as sent through Email to the membership.  After a motion was made by Bob Daigle and Seconded by Joan Akers, the motion carried.


The Treasurer’s report was also accepted after Bob Daigle provided the membership with a glowing report of our finances.  We have $2991.44 in our coffers.  The motion to accept was made by Fay Crossley and seconded by Jack Salvato.  Motion carried. 


A…..Elections for President, Treasurer and CMAA.  No nominations were made, the incumbents agreed to continue in their current positions. 


B…..Dues was collected. 


C…..Binnacle list and Good for the order Information, those in attendance were reminded to keep HRC informed as to what they are doing as well as health issues.

…..Joan Akers, is doing wonderfully, she went to Ohio to see kids, she had to put her beloved dog “snowman” to sleep.  She has a new cell phone. She was coughing a lot last time I talked with her on the phone.  She looked and acted great at the meeting.    

…..Donna Crossley is dong okay.  Some back problems (herniated disk and stenosis to name a couple) are being control with exercise for the time being.

…..Kathi Clark…is doing well, she is awaiting kidney transplant.  Since Pat and she don’t match they can’t go that route, but if Pat donates to anyone, Kathi is placed on top of the list. Kathi is doing well has a fantastic positive attitude even with the maladies she copes with.    

…..Jack Salvato….doing much better after dealing with some food poisoning the first part of December, has no idea how that happened….but blamed it on the cat.

…..The Muscaris are doing well Frank is always busy doing stuff for others.  Latest project is shadow boxes for flags for friends.

…..The Daigles are doing well.  “Hunky Dory”.  Always busy, kids and grandkids.  Exercising and helping at church and food pantry.  Keeps them young.

…..The Shafers are doing okay.  Sylvia might have her knee replacement done in February but is in good spirits. And, now there may be the other knee being replaced as well.    Steve is always in good spirits and wanted everyone to do him a favor last I talked with him before meeting….”have a Merry Christmas”

…..Dan Lee….doing okay.  Continues to have difficulty with his back not many options open to him.  He is also dealing with AFIB not fun, but he is in good spirits even went hunting in PA.

…..Carmen Lee, spent a couple of days in the hospital possible Pneumonia. She is back to 100% of her usual 150%. 

…..John Shay, Got some sad news from Florida through Gary Cox that John is in a nursing home dealing with Alzheimers. [Thanks to assistance of Bernie Bauer and Pat O'Brien of P'Cola Chapt...Gary]  

…..LaRue Wright. Doing well with the help of companion Clair was a treat to see her at the meeting.

…..Bob Steiner, sorry had to miss meeting but he said had to be sure and make Doctor Appointment, to get checked over to be sure he was okay to turn 80.

…..Dennis Pauly, is dealing with Carpel Tunnel but he sure isn’t slowing him down any. He does a lot of work for the Murfreesboro, NC historical society.  He tends to the Tin Shop in the village. 

…..Susan Pauly, us doing well, recent granddaughter wedding was hectic and if someone would tell her how to get rid of horse flies she would be thankful. 

…..The Steinbrucks, were doing well and looking great.

D…..#46 reunion information provided, there were 2 or 3 folks interested.



A…..Frank Muscari made a motion that we send AD fabricated by Fay Crossley and a check for $80 to reunion #46, seconded by Dan Lee, motion carried. Treasurer will have the check in the mail soon and the AD was emailed to Mr. Romano 1/9. 


C…..Venue for Spring Meeting.  Palm Sunday is the 5th, Easter is the 12th, could try for during week between those Sundays or for a different week. Will be left up to the Social Coordinator to come up with a plan.  Someone mentioned Gus and George’s and Bob and Carol will check it out for Dennis. 


There was a discussion concerning the HRC funds and how they would be utilized were the club to dissolve, currently the bi-laws directs the funds to be sent to AMS.  Currently, we see no need to be concerned about the club dissolving, but we should be looking at a bi-law rewrite one of these days.


The Treasurer also would like to see an audit scheduled soon. 


There was also a discussion concerning doing something besides dinners and Dennis will look into a tour of the dismal swamp and Bob will look into a possible tour of the Navy Norfolk Weather Office.



……1…..AD for #46. 


A motion was made by Dan Lee to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Frank Muscari motion carried at about 500pm.


Respectfully submitted:


Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

Source: Aerograph November 2019
Due to some last-minute difficulties at the Pauly Ranch, the meeting venue was changed to The Café on Shore in Virginia Beach.   The Café is owned by Joan Akers’ grandson, Ryan Montgomery.  Service was outstanding as was the food.  We highly recommend The Café On Shore.


In attendance: (15) Dennis and Susan Pauly, Bob and Carol Daigle, Fay and Donna Crossley, Jack Salvato and (daughter) Lisa Salvato, Dan and Carmen Lee, Frank and Eve Muscari and Joan Akers with (sons) Fred Akers and Al Akers.


REGRETS received from:

…The Steinbrucks – The good Capt. had an operation and went to OBX to regroup. 


50/50 was cancelled by the Treasurer due to lack of interest.


Meeting was called to order by President Fay Crossley about 315 pm.   


The Pledge of Allegiance and the blessing was led by CMAA Frank Muscari.


Enclosures were passed around and a copy was sent to Susan Pauly of the Apple Dumpling recipe.


A motion was made by Bob Daigle to accept the Secretary report as sent via Email, motion was seconded by Dan Lee, motion carried.


The Treasurer’s report was given by Bob Daigle, it showed in checking $893.22 and in savings $2097.43.  Motion was made by Jack Salvato and seconded by Dennis Pauly to accept the report as presented, motion carried.


There was no old business to discuss.


A…Venue for Winter meeting will be left up to Dennis Pauly and Jack Salvato to find a new venue.  The day for the meeting should be 3 or 4 days either side of the 01/11/20 – Saturday planned date as the restaurant in mind is only open Mon thru Fri. 

B…Elections for President, Treasurer and CMAA.  And Dues for 2020 will be collected at the January meeting.

C…Binnacle List/good of order…

     1…Dan Lee continues to have issues with heart doctor, kidney doctor, and medication, but is in great spirits.

     2…The Paulys both have issues with Carpel Tunnel one with Right the other with Left hand. 

     3…Donna Crossley has many problems with back, from Stenosis to ruptured and herniated disks. More Dr. visits on tap.

     4…Bob Daigle to have Cataract operation this coming week.

5…Joan Akers looked fantastic she is an amazing lady.

     6…We were all concerned about the situations with Steve and Sylvia Shafer.

     7…Had attempted to get P. Robbins to a meeting, have not heard from him.

     8…Last correspondence with Chubbs all was okay.

     9…Bob Wright doing okay, just got new car, must be nice to be rich.

    10…From what I see on FB, Kathi Clark is doing okay.

    11…No news form LaRue Wright.

   12…Eve Muscari passed around information sheets concerning the Swedish Christmas Bazaar. This is an exciting event and will attach to this note. 

    13…Frank Muscari gave out a lot of good information about the need for rapid connection to 911 centers in case of distress, I will send out the information later as to how to obtain the “help I have fallen” signaling device.


Frank Muscari provided the meeting goers with a special gift, thank you Frank for your kindness and generosity.


D…Reunion 46 in Savannah GA. On 4/5 – 4/9/2020.  More information will be forwarded as received.



……1…Recipe from Steve Shafer Veggie Medley…..and Cartoon

……2…Recipe for apple dumplings from Steve Shafer.

……3…..information email about Global Warming


A motion was made by Bob Daigle to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Frank Muscari motion carried at about 435pm.


Respectfully submitted:

Fay M. Crossley

HRC Secretary

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 Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor


   It is such an awesome feeling for me, at each of our Hampton Road Chapter meetings, to have Howard Lee in attendance. He accompanies Doris Stepaniak. You may recall that Doris is a life member of HRC and NWSA.  Howard just makes me feel good about everything.  Even though Howard is a Medal of Honor Recipient, there is much more to the man than this amazing award might command.

   Howard Lee was born on August 1, 1933, in New York City. He graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, New York in 1951, and from Pace College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, on June 19, 1955. While in his senior year at college, he enlisted as a member of the Platoon Leaders Class in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.  In September 1955, he entered the 14th Officer Candidates' Course, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Virginia, and upon completing the course the following December, was commissioned a Marine Corps Reserve second lieutenant. Lieutenant Lee completed The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, in July 1956 and the Marine Corps Supply School, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, that September.  Upon completion of these courses, he was transferred to the Marine Corps Supply Activity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for duty as Field Inspection Officer, Field Inspection Section, and later, Officer in Charge, Audit Section. He was promoted to first lieutenant in June 1957, and integrated into the Regular Marine Corps in January 1958.  Detached from the Supply Activity in September 1958, he was ordered to the West Coast, and served briefly as Troop Handler, 1st Replacement Battalion, Staging Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, then was assigned duty as a platoon commander with Company F, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, serving in this capacity until June 1959.  First Lieutenant Lee next served as the Battalion S-4 Officer with H&S Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa, (US administration) Japan.  In February 1960, he was assigned duty as Guard Officer at the Marine Barracks, U.S. Naval Propellant Plant, Indian Head, Maryland.  After his promotion to captain on July 1, 1961, he was assigned duties as Platoon Commander and, later, Instructor, The Basic School, Marine Corps Schools in Quantico, where he remained until June 1964.  From July 1964 until February 1966, Capt Lee was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, serving first as Commanding Officer of Company A, 1st Battalion, then as Battalion S-3 Officer with H&S Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division. During the latter period, he served aboard the USS La Salle (LPD-3), and in the Dominican Republic.


Vietnam War — 1st tour

   Ordered to the Republic of Vietnam in April 1966, Capt Lee served as Commanding Officer of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. He received the Bronze Star with Combat "V" for heroic action on June 26, 1966 – June 27, 1966. Then, on 8-9 August, 1966 that he distinguished himself above and beyond the call of duty in the vicinity of Quang Tri, for which he received the Medal of Honor. Wounded in that action, Capt Lee was evacuated to the U.S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland. In November 1966, he returned to duty at Headquarters Marine Corps and assigned duty as TO/MOS Coordinator and, later, Assistant FMF Readiness Officer in the Operation Section, G-4 Division. He was promoted to Major (United States) in July 1966.

   On October 25, 1967, Major Lee was presented the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon Johnson in a ceremony at the White House.


Vietnam War — 2nd tour

  Following this assignment, Maj Lee completed the Command and Staff College, Quantico, Virginia, in June 1970, then returned to the Republic of Vietnam for his second tour of duty. For his service as Executive Officer, Provisional Headquarters and Service Company and with the 2nd Combined Action Group, III Marine Amphibious Force, he earned a Gold Star in lieu of a second Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V".  He was promoted in July 1972 to lieutenant colonel and retired in 1975 from the Marine Corps for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

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   Though Howard has no past affiliation with Naval Weather, we are proud at HRC, when he graces our tables as a friend and fellow serviceman.  At HRC’s special gathering on 2/10/13 one of the other special guests was so overwhelmed with the thought of being in the same room with “such a hero”, tears sparkled in his eyes.  We thank you Howard for your service and for being such a gracious friend.  We, at HRC, ask NWSA and its members to keep our heroes like Mr. Lee and all our service men and women, in their thoughts and prayers.   

     Submitted by Fay Crossley, HRC Secretary